11 thoughts on “Binders Full Of Women?

  1. That’s gold, Charlotte.
    I missed the van. I can only imagine how much fun it was.
    I’ve noticed that i seem to make better comments in the vans than I do in regular threads.

  2. What an ass. The damned story isn’t even accurate, he didn’t ask for the study. He’s Mr. Super Businessman and he apparently didn’t know of any women who might be valuable to his administration. And his idea of equal work for equal pay is making sure that I can leave by 5 so I can get home and make dinner. Not to mention that I’m somehow responsible for gun violence in this country because Mr. L and I were living together without being married. That smarmy mansplainer needs to retire with his money somewhere outside of America, since he has such contempt for half of us.

  3. In line with what leine posted
    One paragraph from there:
    The facts, according to The Phoenix, are that Romney did use the binders and appoint women but only to departments that he didn’t care about. None of the senior positions that he cared about went to women. And worse yet, the senior-level appointed positions held by women actually declined under Romney (and rose rapidly under the next governor).

  4. Oh, and according to a link on another posting. If he didn’t know of any qualified women in 2003, something was really, really wrong.
    And don’t forget, a lot of repubs (local son Todd Akin included) are overtly calling for repealing any sort of equal pay protection.

  5. DJ, If 95% of all Americans are going to get a tax cut please see if sooemne can tell me how we retirees who are living off our retirement accounts are going to get a tax break when the only thing Obama (I refuse to give him the title of the office he holds)is doing is cutting payroll taxes which we no longer pay. And only an average of $13 a week or as he likes to put it $65 a month.It won’t even buy the dog food in our house and we have just two dogs. One a shepherd mix and the other a 9 lb miniature schnauzer.

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