Weekend Question Thread: Big Block of Cheese Day

So yesterday on Twitter Leo McGarry asked us all for our ideas for Big Block of Cheese Day:

The staff participates in “Big Block of Cheese Day”, a fictional workday on which White House Chief of StaffLeo McGarry encourages his staff to meet with fringe special interest groups that normally would not get attention from the White House. Big Block of Cheese Day also is mentioned in “Somebody’s Going to Emergency, Somebody’s Going to Jail.”

The rationale for the day, as recounted by McGarry (much to the consternation of the Senior Staff), is that America’s seventh president, Andrew Jackson, had a two-ton block of cheese in the White House foyer from which everyone was welcome to eat. This symbolized the openness of the White House to the American people.White House Communications DirectorToby Ziegler derisively refers to the day as “Throw Open Our Office Doors To People Who Want To Discuss Things That We Could Care Less About Day”, and Deputy Chief of Staff Josh Lyman refers to it as “Total Crackpot Day”.

White House Press SecretaryC.J. Cregg meets with a group about building a highway for wolves, while Sam Seaborn meets with a citizen, played by Sam Lloyd, concerned about UFOs.

My random lunatic issue suggestion (you can read everybody’s here) was mandatory lighting/glow-in-the-dark-ing of address numbers, because have you ever tried to find a suburban house with one of those lovely old-fashioned plates on the door with the numbers in a delicate brass font in the fucking dark?

You wind up looking like a stalker/cat burglar and/or being lost for hours, driving around peering up people’s driveways. It makes me goddamn crazy. How hard is this? The numbers are there so visitors bearing food and beer can find your place. Or so paramedics can bring the ambulance to the right spot. Wouldn’t you want those folks to know where you are? GRRR.

What’s your Big Block of Cheese issue?


27 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread: Big Block of Cheese Day

  1. Web sites that don’t prominently place the date where it is easy to find. (Hear me WaPo?)

  2. Following on your idea, Athenae, I want to see the colors of lines in the road changed from yellow and white to something more visible. In the winter, under precipitation, and during rainy nights, the lame yellow and white lines become nearly impossible to see– especially if the road hasn’t been maintained in a while, and the paint is faded. I think the center lines should be reflective florescent chartreuse or optic hot pink, and the side lines should be optic orange. Something that will cut through the white glare of lights, or a bit of snow. Also, the center lines in a two-way road should have a rumble strip.

  3. Roads that are made of combination road stuff AND are also solar panels, gathering up sun/electricity.

  4. Staying with transportation, I’d like to see some sort of mass transit project in every road construction bill. For instance, if you expand the interstate, like they’re doing here in BR (and when they’re finished, it’ll be just as congested as it is now), anyway, if you expand the highway, then, say, establish rail service between BR and New Orleans…
    Which would actually make some sense (outbound rail from NOLA would facilitate storm evacuation), but, sad to say, qualifies as “crazy” by Loosiana and/or wingnut standards.

  5. In line with m, news websites that don’t prominently show where they are. You see a news story and it takes half an hour to figure out where it is. All the site (lets call it the Local Express) has to do is put the city and state on the main page.
    Of course, by not clearly giving the location of the station, it allows the news media to grab your attention (who wouldn’t follow the link for 15 dead and gunman still firing) and read an absolutely true story and at the same time build up a sense of horror and fear – as it avoids little details such as the reporting station is 1/2 way across the world. Feeding into a sense of terror, which of course gets people coming back more often.

  6. I want to see churches really have to pay taxes…for at least a decade each (after having to pay back taxes when the starter audits reveal political crossover), THEN they can APPLY for non-profit status, BUT they have to be audited yearly.
    It will never happen, but I can dream. The thought of that ‘minister’ Joel Osteen crying whilst shoveling $$$ to the IRS’ coffers, well, it warms the cockles of my heart. That merchandising charlatan of ‘spiritual good’, PTOOOEY!

  7. Oh, I’m a crackpot.
    I want every law on the books — from US Code to municipal regulations — FULLY enforced, all the time.
    I figure we’ll have Constitutional conventions in about oh, 4, 3, 2 …

  8. Let’s see… how about banning gas powered leaf blowing equipment? Nuke it all.

  9. I’m with Elspeth on this one: tax the churches. All of ’em. Why do they deserve special privileges?

  10. Prosecute people who tortured prisoners, and their bosses who ordered it?
    Not very colorful, I know, but it seems like a good candidate for “Things We Could Care Less About Day.”

  11. Ban cigarette smoking in public. I hate – hate, hate, hate – walking to work and getting hit by clouds of other people’s tobacco smoke. I don’t wanna breathe it, I don’t want it on my clothes, I don’t want it on my skin and in my hair. Air is part of the public commons.

  12. Apply the traffic laws to bicyclists, including that they have to get a license.

  13. State employment agencies that actually attempt to help people find a job instead of pushing them onto a computer or handing them help wanted ads, and making them figure it out for themselves. Oh, you said crazy ideas, nevermind…

  14. I’d pass a law that infants and small children would be banned from all grown-up movies. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to an R-rated movie and some selfish idiot thought their infant would sleep through the whole thing. People who do that should have their children taken away from them by DCS because obviously they are too selfish and too clueless to understand what parenthood means. That means, for one thing, you either shell out for a baby sitter or have to make the supreme sacrifice and wait for the DVD or cable showing. I mean shit, in this day and age there is NO excuse for this.
    And since I’m on the topic, how about banning small children from anywhere that grown-ups congregate. Bars, restaurants, coffee houses. I’m so sick of other people’s children. Actually, I think I’m just sick of the parents of other people’s children. They let their kids run around like wild horses screaming and hollering while the parents order another round of drinks. That is unacceptable.
    Off to Gitmo with them.

  15. Interstate highway median-strip farming.
    Hmm, well back in the day we were trying to pass the opposite law — no farms within a set number of feet of interstate highways. Toxic runoff washes from the roadway onto the plants, also toxic particulate matter like lead from vehicle exhaust settles on plants which is a health issue. This was probably a bigger deal before the days of unleaded gasoline but there’s still crap in the air that settles on vegetation surrounding roadways.

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  21. – Yes! Get it and read it all of you!Darice, I hear you on the movie. It’s totally scary. The book is scary too, but in the best of ways. After divnig in, I think I’ll wait a year or two to read it out loud to the monkeys. And wait many, many more years before I let them see that old Disney movie version. Yikes!October 3, 2008 12:28 PM

  22. Darice Auston – By far, one of the scariest Disney moevis, rivaled only by Watcher in the Woods and Dark Crystal (though not Disney). I’ll take your word for it that the book is good, though I’ll hold off reading it too many bad childhood memories due to the movie.October 2, 2008 8:23 PM

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