Malaka Of The Week: Tagg, You’re It


Tagg Romney: upper class tough guy or plutocratic pussy?

I learned that the first Romney clone picture I posted was of Josh Rmoney. Oh well, they all look alike to me. Btw, the thang above doesn’t play. Okay, on with the show:

The Romney boys are carrying on the Palin tradition of silly names or nicknames. In 2008 there was Trig and now we have Tagg Romney. I wonder if he’s named after price tags or something. Romney the younger shares his father’s thin skin and disdain for President Obama, which is why he’s malaka of the week.

Obama really got under Willard’s skin at the Hofstra debate the other night.He was nearly fed a knuckle sammich by the Taggster:

Tagg Romney did not like it when President Obama accused his dad of dishonesty during Tuesday night’s debate.

an interview with a local North Carolina radio station Wednesday, the
candidate’s eldest son was asked what it was like “to hear the president
of the United States call your dad a liar.”

“Jump out of your
seat and you want to rush down to the stage and take a swing at him,”
Tagg responded, laughing. “But you know you can’t do that because, well,
first because there’s a lot of Secret Service between you and him, but
also because that’s the nature of the process.”

First of all, Mitt is a lying sack of shit but the Prez used variations on the more diplomatic term “that’s not the truth” instead of deploying the L word. In short, he never called him a liar since independent and undecided voters want everyone to be nice regardless of how dickish the other side is.And the other side be muy dickish right now…

Second, the level of disrespect on the right for the President of the United States can be breathtaking at times. Mitt was patronizing and insulting in the way he spoke to Obama and to Candy Crowley for that matter. (She got some good old fashioned LDS misogyny.) I’m waiting for some winger to raise the false equivalency argument: everyone does it. I call bullshit. John Kerry treated Bush the younger with respect and courtesy during their debates. As much as you may dislike the current occupant, the office deserves respect. Of course, Athenae’s boy friend is a gentleman in the best sense of the word. The Romneys have the manners of field hands when it comes to dealing with their “inferiors.” Remember the whole “you’ll get your turn” thing on Tuesday?

Of course, courtesy seems to be lacking right now. They try their darndest not to say it but they see Obama as an uppity Negro instead of a man with the dignity and bearing that fits the office. I quite agree with David Sirota who wrote this about the Mormon malaka:

One of the hallmarks of White Privilege is the unquestioned and largely
unchallenged assumption that white people can say heinous things about
people of color without blowback or even mild criticism — things that
people of color rarely dare to say about white people, for fear of
serious retribution. Tagg — aka Mr. White Privilege — proves the point
perfectly. He feels totally comfortable fantasizing about committing
physical violence against an African-American man. And remember, he’s
not just any white guy pondering such grotesque dreams. On the contrary,
he’s one of the public faces of a national presidential campaign
appearing in a public media interview, meaning White Privilege has made
him feel so comfortable airing such notions, that he didn’t hesitate to whimsically broadcast them to thousands of voters.

That, my friends is malakatude writ large. Privilege without noblesse oblige is as bad as it gets. That’s why I’m tagging Romney the younger with the tag of malaka of the week.

Thanks to Mr. Sirota for allowing me to, uh, tag along with his incisive analysis…

17 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Tagg, You’re It

  1. Correction. This image is of Josh Romney. It’s still creepier than Ted Bundy, though.

  2. Tagg is short for “Taggart”. No word on whether or not that’s Dagny Taggart from Atlas Shrugged.
    And as I’ve said elsewhere, the more you talk about how you totally would’ve gotten up in someone’s face, the more people know you’re full of shit. Tagg Romney didn’t run up and take a swing at Obama—Secret Service or not—because he’s a gutless coward.

  3. Sorry to keep repeating this, but it’s not just Romney and/or Son of Romney (run for your lives!), it’s the entire Redumblican establishment and not just a few of their minions, which makes their whining about how Obama’s-not-being-bipartisan-enough-and-is-such-a-meanie even more farcical.
    They’d oppose on principle Obama saying the sky is blue and the grass is green. Because his very position as president is a challenge to their world view, i.e., if god (in their puny minds) is a white male, then his representatives on earth must be likewise.

  4. Everything you said.
    What is it about the repubs that they are always borderline threatening violence (and often going over the line. Then when called on it, they say they were just kidding)? That they can’t even back off to something like “I was mad as h*ll.”
    Remember when one criteria people would use in evaluating a candidate is if they had raised their children well? Looks like good ole Christian, Family Values Romney hasn’t taught his children how to express their anger without violence. Tagg is definitely old enough to know better as well as have the emotional maturity to handle his emotions better.
    @Jay – they’ll probably never say. But what are the odds that the name came from somewhere else?
    And like Michael F says, its the whole repub structure. Thinking about it, what are the odds that the repub movers haven’t sat down together and decided on the attack plan? And what are the odds that they would have done this without inviting non-elected folk such as Koch, Rove, Faux, Limbaugh, etc.?

  5. That good old-fashioned LDS misogyny to which you refer has been vastly under-reported and misunderstood by the media. And they have waited too long to flesh it out now and help voters understand what they are seeing in the Romney dynasty and its attendant plans. What? No one noticed there was no woman present at the Bain/money-clutching-waving black and white photo shoot of the princelings celebrating?
    This would be Tagg of the IVF (leftover fertilized eggs) surrogate-mom fatherhood? And Solamere? Recipient of $10M in seed money from Mom and Dad to get his version of Bain off the ground?
    Malaka. Plus some.

  6. It is a basic authoritarian belief that lying for the good of the family, or the church, is perfectly acceptable, while pointing out a lie is a deeply offensive act.

  7. I’m with you on this, MichaelF. In fact, I keep hoping that PBO will go on the teevee machine, and tell a national audience not to eat yellow snow.

  8. @Nancy, Ouch but thanks for the hint on Solamere. Would anyone believe that dad would just hand sonny boy the keys to the car and $10 million and not keep an eye on where they were going?
    The more I see that picture in the Etch-a-sketch at the head of this article, the more he looks like the criminal in a bad movie. I’m ashamed that I didn’t initially connect sonny boy’s threat of violence (bullying) with dad’s bullying in prep school. Like father, like son?
    Slightly OT but connected to the bullying, (as First Draft had an article on the head of a business threatening the workers that an Obama victory would mean their layoff). If you haven’t already seen it, there is a tape of Mitt talking to his supporters telling them how to threaten their employees with layoffs in case of an Obama win.

  9. Tagg just keeps giving and giving.
    According to Facebook 1 million strong against Mitt Romney with a hat tip to MemeGOP,
    An image stating that “The new owners of Ohio’s voting machines under the brand name HART Intercivic is none other than Tagg Romney.”
    Yetp, no conflict of interest here. Move on. Nothing to see.

  10. Recovery???? What recovery. Had Obama let thigns alone we would have recovered with low unemployment and growth at or above 5%. His,”fixing,” the problem is directly responsible for this mess and the arroance of him laughing at it no matter what the reason insults Americans who are struggling to survive in HIS economy.

  11. arJ, I agree with your assessment. The spceeh was pretty vanilla, and 99% of it could have come out of the mouth of any of the candidates at this point. Romney missed the fact that what troubles people is not what he thinks of religion in America, but what the particular content of his religious beliefs is. I think that part of this spceeh was to allay those fears by focusing on what Mormons and others have in common. But I don’t think that telling people to ignore or not worry about something is the right way to make it happen. Giving them more and correct information is the best route. I know that Romney specifically addressed that issue and rejected that course as doing exactly what the Constitution does not allow. Nevertheless, I don’t agree with that assessment. In my book, his candidacy is toast at this ears also pricked up when I heard the line referred to in your #5. I am not sure that a Mormon candidate can say that he places his oath of office above his other covenants. It isn’t clear that God even recognizes/cares about a President’s oath of office. That must be in the secret part of the Constitution that the President keeps in his desk. Its a nice fairy tale that Americans tell ourselves but pretty empty rhetoric as far as I am concerned. I mean, if I am an attorney, do I place my rules of professional conduct above my covenants to the Lord? Of course not, and Romney cannot either.

  12. Todaye2€™s generations of Americans have alwyas known religious liberty. Perhaps we forget the long and arduous path our natione2€™s forbearers took to achieve it. They came here from England to seek freedom of religion. But upon finding it for themselves, they at first denied it to others. Because of their diverse beliefs, Ann Hutchinson was exiled from Massachusetts Bay, a banished Roger Williams founded Rhode Island, and two centuries later, Brigham Young set out for the West. Americans were unable to accommodate their commitment to their own faith with an appreciation for the convictions of others to different faiths. In this, they were very much like those of the European nations they had left.A nice touch, to equate our Church with well-known victims of religious intolerance. It’s a slap at anything Huckabee might try to toss at him.

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