Weekend Question Thread

Okay, throw it down. Who are you most excited about voting for this year? Doesn’t have to be president, could be a downticket race you’re just really thrilled about.

I’m not in Wisconsin anymore but the note Tammy “I kick more ass before breakfast than you do all day long” Baldwin sent me thanking me for my donation is on the fridge. I hope she beats Thompson like a thing that gets beaten very badly.


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  1. I’m thrilled to be able to vote for President Obama and for Elizabeth Warren. She is just a stellar Senate Candidate. Martha Coakley was a horror show–a complete waste of space, a time server, and an all around unpleasant person. Our political bench is really thin for things like the Senate–though not for Congress–and I was not thrilled to have Kennedy’s storied seat filled by Scott Brown. I’m hopeful that Warren will take it and will serve for many years.

  2. aimai, the chance to vote for Elizabeth Warren would almost make me want to move to Massachusetts.
    Here in the Southwest, I’ll be proudly casting a ballot for Kyrsten Sinema in Arizona’s 9th CD. She’s a strong and outspoken Progressive, who’d serve us well.

  3. In Maryland, my Maryland, Question 6 is looking good for passage. The gay-bashers put the new Maryland law up for popular vote; the law allows for same-sex marriage and all the benefits that entails. The gay-bashers thought there was no way the populace would affirm this, but it’s looking more like it will pass the popular vote. YES! And I’m a half a hetero couple, but I really don’t see a downside to granting full citizenship to everyone.

  4. Obama.
    Not “not Romney”, though that’s certainly in there as well. But the answer to the question is ‘Obama’.
    Knockin’ on doors, makin’ phone calls, sendin’ money.

  5. Obama. He isn’t perfect, and he isn’t liberal enough for me, bad dam, he’s managed to do way more with a traitorous opposition then could ever be expected. I’m proud to call him my President, and want to continue that.
    Nicole LaFever, running against Mike Simpson for Congress. She hasn’t got a hope in hell, this is Idaho after all, and she is a liberal and a lesbian, which shouldn’t matter but this is Idaho after all. And this just reminded me that I need to go send her some money.

  6. Down-ballot races here in the “ring around the Collar Counties” really suck, but I’m still excited to have voted for Barack Obama for the third time, once as U.S. Senator, and now twice for Prez. Frankly, the guy drives me nuts when it comes to constitutional rights and prosecuting economic crime and crimes against humanity. But there is absolutely no doubt he’s head and shoulders above any Republican. I don’t think the republic could withstand another GOP President.

  7. I put my ballot in the mail yesterday.
    I’m always happy to vote for Cantwell, but not particularly excited any more. I was both annoyed and pleased to vote for R-74. Annoyed at the idea of putting civil rights up for a vote after the ledge passed the bill. Pleased to mark a ballot saying of course, don’t be ridiculous.
    So, not much in the way of exciting candidates. Just the, now traditional, rejection of candidates who want to install a megatheocorprotocracy. And their stinkin’ let’s shoot ourselves in the foot like California did propositions too.

  8. I’ll get to vote for Bob Kerrey, which is new. (I got to the cornfield three years too late to vote for him in ’94.)

  9. Here in Loosiana, voting for Obama, even though he’s going to lose the State badly, is about as good as it gets this season…well, except for perhaps the mayor’s election here in BR. One politically-calculated-but-still-crass-comment aside (during the Katrina crisis), I happen to really like our incumbent mayor and hope he wins a third terms…
    Otherwise, watching greater of evils Jeff Landry lose to still pretty damn evil Charles Boustany in a 3rd District death match (we lost a seat with reapportionment) is mildly amusing, but that’s west of here. In my own district Democrats aren’t even opposing Bill Cassidy – my only “alternatives” are a couple of libertarians.

  10. One of my dissappintments in life is that ever since being elegible to vote there hasn’t been an election yet that I am totally and zealously behind a particular candidate.
    However, one race I feel strongly about is the locak race for State House. Rebecca McClanahan has been state rep before and done a good job of supporting measures that improve life.
    Meanwhile, I get an almost daily oversized postcard in the mail from the state repubs either on how her opponent is for God and Country or how she is a demon who did everything she could to destroy the country.
    Unfortunately these mailings remind me so much of the last time she ran when the person elected appeared to me to be strictly chosen because 1) he was young and 2) having no political background and as he later left the area (I wonder if not even running for a second term was part of the plan). He seemed to be the repub attack dog for making all sorts of unproven assertions personally attacking various public figures.
    Probably the worse is that he took allegations against a local judge from long ago (including being cleared by the ethics folk), dusted them off, and introduced them as a bill against the judge. Bill went to committee and quietly died in committee. But the repub got all sorts of press of vigorously working for the people of Missouri. I **REALLY** wish that there could have been some repercussions against him for filing baseless claims in trying to either influence or even dismiss a judge.
    There may be a national connection to this. I believe it was in “Bushwacked” that Ivins mentioned a case of a Texas group that provided guidance to wayward youth in a residential setting. There were accusations against the group regarding child labor and they moved to Missouri.
    One of the big sources of anger towards the Judge here was his ruling on a ‘ministry’ which includes both a residential youth program and residential adult program. There were allegations of improper child labor. After a lot of give and take a good number of children were removed. The Judge under attack had made a ruling against this ‘ministry’ who claim that part of their ministry is the operation of a dairy farm. (Next county south of here, persons connected with this group have made rather large contributions to a political race there).
    I’ve always wondered if this is the group that Ivins mentioned. The timing would be about right.

  11. One of the local Repugs keeps sending me a ton of junk mail. I look forward to voting for his opponent. I hate the waste of junk mail.

  12. I’m always pleased to be able to vote for my excellent liberal (but not a compelling speaker), House of Reps backbencher Mike Honda. Silicon Valley sends a cohort of such — Anna Eshoo next door is also pretty good.
    This is the year that Dianne Feinstein is up for re-election; she’s a shoo-in, so there’s no need for me to vote for her. So I won’t.

  13. It’s pretty bleak in S. Texas, but I was proud to vote for Obama again and glad I could vote against the execrable Ted Cruz. Got to vote for my neighbor John Courage for state senator against a bat shit crazy woman doctor. She is kind of like Palin with a medical degree if you can imagine such an awful thing.
    I wonder though if I am counted as an R when I vote, because in the primaries they stamp your voter registration card with R or D so you cannot go vote in the other parties run offs. I hate to say that I voted in the R primary just so I could vote against the doctor and Cruz.
    Fat lot of good it did.

  14. I vote in Arkansas, and actually got to vote for a medical marijuana initiative, but I’m not too optimistic about its’ chances.

  15. Honestly I can’t think of anyone I’m real psyched to vote for other than President Obama. I had to vote for the Green candidate for U.S. Senate because the Democrat is really a Republican who took advantage of our state’s super lenient candidacy requirements (I think you need like 20 signatures to get on the ballot), and he did that because the incumbent is a Republican who is definitely going to win. And in my state House race I had to vote for myself because there was no Democrat running and the Republican is a wackjob. City/County races are all stuff like court clerks and whatnot, nothing thrilling. My Congress Critter is a Dem who is sure to win.
    It’s all sorta meh except for the presidential race.

  16. determination, not excitement voting against tomy fucking thompson + voting down ticket for dan riemer(my cousins NAME). in the primary he beat a longtime incumbant who s going for write in.

  17. Above all else, proud to be voting for Elizabeth Warren. Obama is a close second…he’s made a lot of progress (healthcare) that I would hate to see undone at this point.

  18. HA! I voted for the same Green candidate for Senate as Southern Beale did! For the exact same reason. I was thrilled and excited to vote for Obama the third and final time. (2008 Primary)
    I was also seriously excited I got to vote FOR Steve Cohen for the first of many times. Because of reapportionment I am now in his district, and I used to only get to vote against the most odious and idiotic Marsha Blackburn!
    And I voted for a couple of tax issues, one a half cent sales tax for schools and the other a half cent gasoline tax for public transportation. No Dem ran for State Legislature in my district, so I left that one blank.

  19. I don’t know if anyone’s still reading this thread, but…
    A doctor with whom I used to work is running for County Coroner. And he’s an actual pathologist, too, instead of the usual law enforcement officer or political hack that usually runs for/occupies that office. I’m going to vote early; I’m still on the fence as to whether I want to take a vacation day on Election Day and do GOTV work up in Wisconsin (I’m in northern IL).

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