A cure for electile dysfunction

The end of election season is mercifully arriving this week.
Politicians can stop showing up at college campuses andpretending they know
where the hell they are
. Special interest groups can stop running ads that tell
you everything from how Mitt Romney once ate a small child that was birthed
from one of his sister-wives to the way Barack Obama is preparing to launch a
“Brown Dawn” attack on us with his Negro Army.

And, most thankfully, the
pollsters can stop calling the house to make absolutely, positively sure that
we haven’t changed our mind on Romney, Obama or a federal proposition to allow
for Jerry Sandusky to write a children’s book from prison.

For those of you who have made it this far withoutpulling
an “Elvis” on your TV set
orpulling an “Axl” on your phone, congratulations. However,
if you feel a little of either creeping in on you, here are a few survival tips
as we wait for the glorious end to this inglorious process:

Tell everyone who calls that you’re not supporting a candidate who isn’t making a full and total commitment to bringing back disco and velour shirts.

When you see a guy sporting a “I support the
Second Amendment and I VOTE!” T-shirt or with that bumper sticker on his car,
engage him thoroughly by explaining how you are aThird Amendment voter and you
take it very seriously. Argue loudly that we are only one returning vet moving
into his mom’s basement away from a full slippery slope toward
forced-soldier-quartering Armageddon. Also explain that you are fully
committing to passing the “Titles of Nobility Amendment,” that has languished
for far too long.

When the live pollster calls asking for
“Debbie,” Ask “What Would Danny DeVito Do?

If you have a toddler or a cat, relinquish the
phone when the robo-caller calls for data. I have enjoyed seeing how my junk
mail changes after the Midget dealt with the last four or five of these things.
I’m sure it confounds my mail lady to see that I’m getting offers for AARP,
Weight Watchers and mail order sex toys services. (If you lack children or pets, just try
playing “Carol of the Bells” or something with the phone button tones. It works
just as well.)

Make up yard signs that attack a fictional
candidate for something. Offer to provide them to your neighbors in an attempt
to “defeat thisextreme, radical extremist, who is way tooextreme for even the
extreme people we already have.” See how many takers you have.

Set out on a last-minute, vociferous push to
re-elect your local coroner. If the race is uncontested, push even harder
because, “You never know!” (Or just watch this ad and shudder.)

If you get to talk to a representative of a
candidate for the U.S. House or Senate, ask how seriously committed that person is to
getting theCorwin Amendmentpassed. Better yet, ask that of the candidate him
or herself. It’s about 100-1 odds that they won’t know what it is, but won’t
ask what it is. If you make it seem important to you, they’ll let you know it’s
really important to them. Because that’s what we really want in politicians,
you know. That and the sense that you could have a beer with them…

If a candidate knocks on your door, open it
slowly and then breathe a sigh of relief. Yell back into the house, “HONEY!
Stop burning all the kiddie porn and meth! It’s just some politician…”

When dealing with pollsters or advocates or
candidates who want to form a bond by using your name, make up a name that is
horribly uncomfortable for them: “Hi I’m Fahquin Diqfase.”

Buy a bull horn and an inflatable princess castle. Place the castle on your lawn
and wait inside of it for the campaign volunteers to approach your door. The minute their foot hits
your property, jump out of your princess castle start screaming through the

Ask if the candidate is “in full effect” or not.
Tell everyone that is the most important voting issue. Also request that the
candidate rap his or her next speech and offer all future bills in the form of

When a pollster calls you and asks if you know
for whom you are voting in the presidential election, ask “So who’s running?”
After he or she tells you, pause and say, “Hang on. I gotta find a quarter to

Remember, my friends, as Daniel Day Lewis said, “Stay alive. No matter what occurs, I will find

See you next week.


2 thoughts on “A cure for electile dysfunction

  1. Just for fun I called my local congress critter’s office and asked what his stance on the Corwin Amendment was. Rather than plead ignorance, his office said the good critter was all in favor even after I explained what I wasn’t talking about the Cowan v. State of Montana SCOTUS decision. I undoubtedly have been put on their do not answer list specifically reserved for smart asses for future reference.

  2. I generally find that answering the door with my python around my neck is effective in either changing the conversation to herps or getting the door to door canvaser to make things brief.
    RE: Titles Act – so that is where it comes from. I remmeber perhaps a year or two ago that someone was trying to claim that a candidate wasn’t a citizen as they had some sort of title elsewhere.

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