Malakas Of The Week: Team Romney

This is a rare instance where I come to praise malakatude instead of burying it. Team Romney are by definition malakas but the malakatude I’m “honoring” this week is their downright bizarre and even inexplicable response to the Mitt the prep school jerk story. The story gives an enitrely new meaning to the term “bully pulpit.”

Let’s start with a stipulation: I’m like everyone else, I’m inclined to give people a pass on stupid things they did in high school. I never bullied anyone BUT I did dumb shit that hurt people, which has has nothing to do with the person I am today. If somebody called me on something from then, I’d own up to it and apologize.

Mitt and his minions inclination was to try and lie their way out of it. It’s the Romney way. The problem is that 5, count ’em 5, of Mitt’s preppie buddies have fessed up to this incident. His people tried to find classmates to refute the story but have had a hard time. The candidate claimed that he didn’t remember wielding scissors and cutting some poor bastards hair. He went on to issue a classic non-apology apology but added that going after someone who was gay was not on his radar. If he didn’t remember, why say that?

In short, much to my delight, Team Romney has transformed a story that should be dead by now into something that reflects on the candidate’s “character.” And we all know there’s nothing more that the MSM loves more than that. Bill Clinton proved that “character” issues can be overcome but he’s a warm and loveable rascal and Mitt is not. Hell, Mitt cannot even use the classic excuse that many of us, including former President Beavis, can use: I was too drunk to remember. It’s hard being a sanctimonious, pompous, lying teetotaler.

At least now we know why Ann Romney said that her hubby had an inner “wild and crazy guy.” I don’t think, however, that the Festrunk brotherswere in to barbering…

3 thoughts on “Malakas Of The Week: Team Romney

  1. I was just guessing here but I suspect the bullying story has something to do with Romney’s defense of gay adoptions after coming out vociferously against gay marriage AND civil unions. Short of saying “well they should be allowed to exist” that was the last civil rights-ish kind of thing he could give them.
    The Romney campaign is a gigantic fail and yet, we might still lose to that asshole. I am still wrapping my head around that reality.

  2. Unfortunately, I have a realistic fear that character only matters if it can be used against a dem. Remember how Clinton having a joint in Britain was all over the media (although not illegal) while hardly a peep about Bush motoring around Texas on Cocaine (illegal, more potent drug, plus endangering others by his driving under the influence).
    I also point to the relative quiet of the media to this story. The fact that both his actions at Bains and his father’s actions in the auto industry haven’t seemed to genertate the outrage.
    Yet, the longer this sits, the more it seems to gather more information. More anecdotes of amusing tricks – such as having a nearly blind person walk into a door. etc. etc.

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