Election Day Update

Okay, everyone get out and vote. The main reason I hate the electoral vote is that it makes voting for President somewhat less meaningful for us non-swing staters. I even remember when Louisiana was a swing state in 1992 and 1996 because of Perot’s presence on the ballot. Clinton won the Gret Stet twice, and I saw the man himself onstage in NOLA several times, including once with Hillary, Al and Tipper.

End of that brief stroll down memory lane. In the immortal words of Poppy Bush, Obama has the “Big Mo,” evenMark Halperin is conceding that he probably won’t have to concede. How’s that for a concession? Jeez, I sound like I have a concussion or something. I swear, I always wore helmet when I played football unlike a certain LSU Head Football Coach.

Time to get down to the nitty gritty:

There is only a 7.8% chance of electing our first robot President.

What’s a Mittbot to do? Guess he’ll get back to outsourcing jobs and browbeating LDS women into towing the party line. Or maybe, he’ll make like this famous cinematic robot:


Hmm, is that Ann? Hey, do you see Rafalca in the crowd? Neither do I.Never mind.

Speaking of horses, I’ll post my fearless forecast of the Presidential popular and electoral votes later this morning.

2 thoughts on “Election Day Update

  1. WOW! Down to 7.8 % This has been a steady drop for the last week and now in freefall. Every day lower than the one before without exception.
    Yeah, I don’t like the Electoral College system either. Another problem is that there have been a handful of times that the elector didn’t enter the vote of the people (for example, as part of feuding between the Dems and Dixiecrats).
    My problem though is that in a close race (and prez elections are often close), it is much easier to get a recount of a state or district than the almost impossible task of a national recount.

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