Sunday Morning Video: The Best Of Mittbot

The fabulous folks at TPM have compiled this swell highlight reel featuring Willard Mittbot Romney:

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Video: The Best Of Mittbot

  1. Mass says:

    I like to think Willard is at home, wildly weeping like an Alabama Sigma Chi in the stands in Tuscaloosa Saturday night.


  2. blue cheddar says:

    Criminy. I’m white and I still look at Romney and think “You don’t get any whiter ‘n’ that”.


  3. MapleStreet says:

    Based on an earlier thread, I went back and looked at the Obama victory speech and the Romney concession speech. I found it especially telling that Obama gave a rather nice complement to the Romney campaign and Romney himself. OTOH Romney came dangerously close to still trying to drag Obama through the mud. Just standard, boilerplate, social grace would include “and I want to congratulate Obama on a successful campaign.” That is to merely obtain the level of shaking the opposing team’s hands after a ball game.


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