Proud to Promote

Soon Allen West will be out of office, and we will not have to listen to his stupid comments anymore:

In an e-mail to supporters on Monday, Representative Allen B. West, a Florida Republican, called the increase in food stamp use a “highly disturbing trend.” He said that he had noticed a sign outside a gas station in his district over the weekend alerting customers that food stamps were accepted.

“This is not something we should be proud to promote,” he said.

Yes. What we ought to do is keep secret all the locations where poor people can get food, forcing them to go up to each cashier at each potential source of nutrition for their children and ask loudly, “IS THIS WHERE THE LAZY SHIFTLESS WELFARE TYPES CAN PURCHASE T-BONE STEAKS PLEASE?” Because that, as we all know, will make people less poor. It will also make them full. Humiliation is magic in the way that it improves people.


6 thoughts on “Proud to Promote

  1. “… and we will not have to listen to his stupid comments anymore …”
    Umm … pretty sure he’s first in line to get his own radio show, probably plug him into Fred Thompson’s old timeslot. Also, he’ll have his own show on Fox. Because this is how Republicans “reach out to minority voters.” Just get a brown pitchman to sell their same, tired old shit.

  2. Along the lines of Southern Belle, did West give up on his threats of a prolonged legal battle on the ballot counting? (I still don’t understand how the election officials that skewed repub in 2000 would all of a sudden skew dem in 2012 – that is unless the GOPelite are out to “get” West. Hey we’ve got a good conspiracy theory. Especially combinging with Icke’s lizard mad theory – after all lizards like to bask in the sun, as in sunny beaches in Florida?)
    Even after the election is settled, any good sci-fi horror fan (cf. Adrastos’s pulp fiction) knows that once the monster is removed, everyone relaxes only for the monster to come back.

  3. You’re just not looking at how this is an opportunity for private business.
    If there were no signs, then someone could make a map of places that accept stamps and sell it to the poor. However, as the locations change, the ideal capitalist would make a map for download to GPS units. Their alternative would be to not have the maps – and then they couldn’t use their food stamps and would have to go hungry.
    Just think of the profit we could make by requiring the poor to buy GPS units and periodic downloads of food stamp locations !!!!!

  4. @Southern Beale,
    What is it with the repubs taking a person of color that is loosing in their own district and moving them to another district where they might be elected? I seem to remember them doing this several times.
    Seems downright cynical to me.

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