Boardwalk Empire Thread: Remus doesn’t get arrested


I’m late with this so I’m going to try something different and more concise. Hey, stop laughing out there, I can be positively terse at times. Anyway, here’s a list of things that we-or the characters-learned from the latest episode ofBoardwalk Empire:

Remus learns that corrupt politcians don’t always stay bought. He still hasn’t learned that referring to yourself in the third person makes you sound crazy or like Bob Dole.

Nucky learns that you shouldn’t have important meetings with gangster gonniffs when you have a concusssion. It leads to mistaking your awesome ally Chalky White for a bootblack. Oops.

Gyp Rosetti learns that it would have been cool if Mad Anthony Wayne were Italian. He also learns that Sicilian wise guys look silly in a tri-corner hat.

We learn that, while Richard Harrow may not have taught Arthur Murray how to dance, he can still cut a mean rug at the Legion Hall.

Richard learns that everything that goes wrong at Madam Mommie Dearest Jillian’s cathouse is his fault.

Young Tommy learns the true meaning of doggystyle.

IRA Man Owen learns that Margaret may want to run away with him but hasn’t thought through pesky details such as: how do you flee in the company of your pyromaniac son and polio afflcted daughter.

Finally, I learned that I want to see more of Chalky White. Actually, I already knew that but I am actively campaigning for his Chalkiness. Repeat after me: MORE CHALKY. MORE CHALKY.

That is all.

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