Quote of the day: Crazy old coot edition

It comes from former Senator and legendary loose cannon, Alan Simpson, during an appearance on Hardball the other day:

“So how do you deal with someone who comes to stop government? … Grover
wandering the earth in his white robe saying he wants to drown
government in the bathtub. I hope he slips in there with it.”

Tweety was briefly speechless, which is quite an accomplishment. Here’s a vid of the entire surreal interview:

4 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Crazy old coot edition

  1. Got me thinking on a tangent.
    I don’t know a lot about Simpson, but from the clip I get the feeling that he is an old-time repub (aka Goldwater conservative, etc.). The content of the interview from both Matthews and Simpson is pretty much what has been obvious for weeks – if not longer.
    The difference is that Simpson is clearly speaking his mind and being honest about the situation, including the partisan nature.
    When McGrumpy goes on a tear, or if when Pallin goes rogue – I wonder if in their mind that they are clearly stating the situation and appearing as Simpson – someone who knows the situation and clearly delineates it.
    Of course, it is much easier to be cynical and assume that McGrumpy, Pallin, et al are just pandering.

  2. Tweety loves to give voice to every discredited used-to-never-was. If Tip O’Neil were still alive, he’d be a weekly visitor on his show for no other reason than to remind the viewers that Chris was relevant once upon a time (and, btw, does he have to remind us every segment that he wrote a “serious” hagiography of his hero?).
    Simpson would be mocked today if it weren’t for the assistance of the likes of Mr Matthews and his ilk.

  3. Simpson is a bit crazy but he *is* a mainstream old school conservative. I don’t agree with him often but he’s willing to compromise. Unfortunately, he’s out of the Senate.

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