The alleged men of the modern Republican party:

The wheelchair-bound, 89-year-old former Senate majority leader, GOP presidential nominee and World War II veteran was escorted onto the floor Tuesday by his wife, former Sen. Elizabeth Dole, R-N.C., to rally support for the United Nations disabilities treaty.

Last week, he was being treated at the Walter Reed National Medical Military Center. This week, he was trying to buttonhole colleagues to support an initiative to extend the rights granted to Americans under the Americans with Disabilities Act to citizens of the world.

Dole was gravely injured during World War II when his right arm was shattered in battle, and he has been a longtime advocate for the rights of the disabled, particularly veterans.

One by one, Senators of both parties approached the frail national leader, with former colleagues gently resting their hands on his shoulder or reaching out to his left hand, briefly clasping the man who once presided over the chamber with a mix of wit, tactical guile and ruthlessness.

Then, one by one, after Dole was wheeled off the floor, most Republicans voted against the measure.

Fucking douchebags. Why vote against it?What would it do?

The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities essentially makes the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act a non-binding international standard. It requires no change to U.S. law.

Why, because their leading intellectual lights started screaming about World Government and the Obamachrist or something, according to Roll Call:

Several conservative groups, Glenn Beck and former Sen. Rick Santorum, R-Pa., opposed the treaty because they said it would allow the U.N. to overreach and impose on the rights of member countries.

And there should be a coward clause allowing people immunity to throw rotten eggs at Thad Cochran whenever he appears in public just for this:

Sen.Thad Cochran, R-Miss., changed his vote from a “yes” to a “no” after it was obvious the treaty would fall short of ratification. Cochran is up for re-election in 2014 and could face a primary challenge from his right.

Bob Dole did more good before breakfast today than Cochran has done in his entire life, and this is me saying this about a Republican senator and former presidential nominee of that party. Way to show us all what it looks like to have absolutely no balls at all, Cochran. Way to fucking be.

Take it away, boyfriend:

In a statement released by his office after the vote, Kerry called the vote one of the saddest in his 28 years in the Senate, “a wakeup call about a broken institution that’s letting down the American people.”

“Today the dysfunction hurt veterans and the disabled, and that’s unacceptable. This treaty was supported by every veterans group in America and Bob Dole made an inspiring and courageous personal journey back to the Senate to fight for it,” Kerry said.

But what is that compared to a primary threat from teawads?


8 thoughts on “Assholes

  1. Well, putting it plainly, the Repugs hated ADA right from the start, so this is long-lingering sour grapes (I recall well the “nanny state” whining about that legislation). Then, Frothy himself–the new king of the congealed brain set–agitated against it, and there was lots of grumbling about the UN language requiring reproductive rights for the disabled.
    What can one say? They’re assholes, and that’s the way they’re gonna behave.

  2. Maybe the Senate could at least pass a resolution condemning delusional crackpots who think a matter of simple human decency is the equivalent of “communist infiltration, communist indoctrination, communist subervsion, and the international communist conspiracy” sapping and impurifying their precious bodily fluids.

  3. A primary challenge from the right? In Mississippi? Whoever it is, I bet he or she wears actual jackboots.

  4. Ditto to above 3 comments.
    Like you say, it makes America the model for the world (shall I break out in a round of “America the Beautiful?). Plus it is non-binding – dare I say a purely symbolic vote?
    Growing up in a fundamentalist environment, I heard much of how the UN / Euro-zone (take your pick) was the one world govt and a crucial step in getting the antichrist over a one-world-govt which was to happen during the tribulation. The Euro actually had a better fit as there were 10 countries in the Euro at the time and the monster had 7 heads and 10 horns. Haven’t stopped back by to see what the Hal Lindsay group say now that the Euro has more countries).
    The other part was that going metric would take America away from being God’s country as it would allow the USA to easily join the one world govt.
    OTOH – part of the schtick was that everyone would have to have an identity number to take part in any transaction (oppossed to SS number as that would be he mark of the beast). So I was shocked when the same camp suddenly became behind the idea of a national identity papers via the requirements for verifying your identity for a driver’s license as well as needing a national picture ID to vote.

  5. BBBbbbuuutt the RNC is re-inventing itself.
    Votes no to disability.
    Opposed to equal pay for women.
    Boehner claims he is leading being compromising while vowing to make this a 4-year lame duck.

  6. Regular fist bump going on over in RNC world. They beat those dastardly one world blokes. Champagne corks busted and cheers all around. Poor drooling Bob of all people should have known that if you don’t wield the power, the power will roll you over.
    The next time you hear any of these brave wise men pontificate about how exceptional is the US of A, think back to this vote and remember what cowards these fucks really are.

  7. How about we reduce the power of the GOP until we can drown it in the bathroom sink?

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