Fuck The NRA

Okay, I spent an hour composing a nice thoughtful post with a much more polite title and fucking TypePad ate it and it’s nowhere to be found, so that’s an hour of my day gone and I’m now inclined to be crabby and brief. Here goes:

1 – TypePad sucks.

2- Fuck the NRA. Let’s just stop pretending they’re anything other than a political lobbying arm of the Republican Party operating on behalf of gun manufacturers. Whatever they started out as, they are no longer that. They do not represent gun owners or sportsmen. They are not a grassroots organization.Their leadership is almost entirely Republican Party political figures and gun manufacturers, with a few militia extremists thrown in for extra nutty flavor. If you have paid dues to the NRA you are the chump paying for Larry “wide stance” Craig, Ken Blackwell, Grover Norquist, Oliver North and John Bolton to swill Scotch and play a few rounds at some fancy golf resort. I do not think there is any equivalent in the Democratic Party.

3- Fox News executives evidently instructed their producersto not discuss gun control on the network. I highly doubt this was an independent decision. We have a “Guns Industrial Complex” operating in this country and it’s time we expose this fraud for what it is. The last thing the GOP and gun manufacturers want is a discussion of gun violence and gun control, and while they’ve been enormously successful in shutting down debate in the past, it’s not working this time. I imagine GOP leaders, Roger Ailes and the top gun guys are regrouping on messaging as I write this. Expect to see Fox News come out full-bore on the “more guns could have stopped this” front. Also, who’s gonna be the first nutter to blame Obama for this tragedy — you know, so he could take everyone’s guns —just as they always knew he would?! My money’s on Jim “Dim” Hoft.

4- I swear to God if another liberal clutches their pearls and wonders “where’s the outrage” for all the dead children in the Middle East I’m gonna kick a puppy (not really. I couldn’t do that.) Yes, it’s horrible that we care more about our kids than those in other nations. It’s horrible that we’ve killed thousands and thousands of innocents with our warmongering. I get that. But fuckitall, what war hasn’t killed innocents? What war isn’t awful? Isn’t that the fucking point?

We care about what happened in Connecticut because these are our kids. And we failed them. Let’s deal with our failure as Americans to protect our children from violence in their own classrooms before we start attempting to deal with humanity’s collective failure to end war for all time. If we can’t turn our swords into plowshares at home we sure as hell won’t be doing it anywhere else.

5- Nashville is set to host the NRA’s 2015 annual convention.There is a petition asking Mayor Karl Dean to stop it. Success if doubtful, but I pass the link on anyway.

6- Consider asking your local police deparment to schedule a “gun amnesty day.” These are days when illegal/unwanted guns and ammo can be dropped off anonymously at local police precincts. Most communities have them. The guns are usually destroyed, though I’m told some PD’s resell them, so maybe check into that too. It’s important to get guns off the streets.

7- Did I mention TypePad sucks? It really does.

9 thoughts on “Fuck The NRA

  1. I find it, um, more than a little ironic that the same people who complain the loudest about teachers being lazy and/or incompetent and/or unionized now insist they carry a firearm…

  2. Well, if we’re unable to stop waging war on innocents around the world, I doubt seriously that we’ll muster the gumption to stop waging war on our own at home.
    Same coin, different sides…

  3. @Aaargh,
    I went to school in what was an urban school district. The district had shootings even back then (my own class was marked by some classmates who didn’t like the other team trouncing our football team. So they hid out on the other team’s bus and stabbed them). I have no problem assuming that the district has surely implemented stronger security measures to halt students from bringing weapons.
    Last thing we need is someone telling their kid to take a gun to school for protection. Not to mention, does a 6th grader have the emotional maturity needed to safely concealed carry? The fact that he threatened another student is a good answer.
    (I’m ignoring the question of how many 2nd amendment types have the needed emotional maturity. The pictures of folks carrying assault weapons at demonstrations is a pretty good answer.)

  4. They’re called ASSAULT weapons, not DEFENSE weapons. That’s all you need to know.

  5. Here in Texas our brilliant Governor, Goodhair and an equally intelligent State Representative, Debbie Riddle (R-Tomball) are getting ready to introduce legislation that will permit teachers and administrators to carry weapons to schools.
    In a state where we cannot even keep pedophiles out of the classroom, how successful does anyone think we will be at keeping someone from having a stressful day and taking it out on the student body? When the day comes that a student or students overpower said teacher/administrator and get that weapon from them and turn it on themselves or others who will be responsible? Will it be Representative Riddle or perhaps the good governor will step forward.
    Seriously of all the idiotic ideas to come out of this tragedy this is the most ridiculous. But then again, it’s Texas.

  6. And in Wentzville, MO a man in a barbershop discussion of the Newtown shooting gets his gun an fires on the barbershop.
    A patron made the comment that the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School made him want to kill the suspect. For unknown reasons, police say Davis took the comment as a threat and asked, “You want to murder me?”
    Davis then allegedly went to his car, retrieved a pistol and fired three times in the customer’s direction. No one was hurt

  7. So you people honestly think that making it “more difficult” to get guns will really have any impact on events like this. What makes any human with even the slightest amount of common sense think controlling or banning guns will save lives. Use your brain people. Terrorists, criminals, monsters.. These people have, and will continue to find was to get guns with or without a law that bans them. Somebody hell bent of destruction will ALWAYS find a way to do it. Just because you don’t want guns and will gladly give up yours, doesn’t mean somebody with a gun won’t use it against you. Guns exist and always will. Instead of crying and saying its the guns fault, why don’t we just admit that it is the fault of the people who use them for the wrong reasons. It is not McDonald’s fault that Big Macs make you fat, it’s your fault for eating them. Lets use our brains people. I know it’s hard.

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