The Stomach

Framing, by the Very Liberal New York Times:

The new inflation calculations, for instance, would probably not affect wounded veterans and disabled people on Supplemental Security Income. And Mr. Obama is sticking by his request for additional upfront spending on infrastructure and an extension of expiring unemployment benefits.

He would also secure some tax and policy changes long sought by both parties but unattainable in the context of smaller budget deals. His proposal would permanently extend popular tax breaks like the credit for corporate research and development, permanently stop the alternative minimum tax so it does not expand to affect more of the middle class, and stop a long-planned and deep cut to Medicare health providers, which Congress has never shown the stomach to allow to kick in.

It is always the height of political courage to fuck over old, poor or old and poor people. Taking care of them, of course, involves no bravery at all.

I hate just about everything right now. Somebody show me a kitten.


5 thoughts on “The Stomach

  1. Hobbes says:

    This always makes me feel better when I’m ragey.

  2. Athenae says:

    That picture of the four Huskies looks like HUNGRY HUNGRY HUSKIES.
    And now I am wondering why nobody has made a version with badgers. Hungry Hungry Badgers, eating a bunch of balls with various other WCHA school logos on them.

  3. pansypoo says:

    just fucking jump over the cliff.

  4. leinie (iPad) says:

    What WCHA? Bucky Badger already blew that up. Don’t you mean the Big Ten?
    I know, there is a half a season left with it the old way.

  5. Diana says:

    well, he’s not a kitten anymore, but Maru has a new movie out:

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