Welcome to the United States of YOUR OWN PARTY, You Monumental Assclown

Fuck Chris Christie, okay?

During a press conference in Trenton, N.J., Christie directed his fury toward House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), whoshelved an expected vote late Tuesday on the Senate-backed relief package worth $60 billion.

Christie said House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) called him at 11:20 p.m. ET following an 11th hour deal on the so-called fiscal cliff to inform him there would be no vote on the supplemental funds. After that call, Christie said he phoned Boehner four times. Boehner never returned the calls. Christie also added that he was never given an explanation for the canceled vote.

“Shame on Congress,” Christie said, accusing lawmakers of putting “politics ahead of their responsibilities.”

“Our people were played last night as a pawn,” Christie added. “Last night, my party was responsible for this.”

Because here’s some things that happened while you were a Republican that didn’t appear to make you go all NOT ON MY WATCH until now. Republicans have:

Blocked Katrina aid.

Denied relief funds to Missouri.

Told parts of Virginia caved in by an earthquake to suck it.

And acted like the last big hurricane to hit the East Coast was justone more welfare queen.

All of that happened before you climbed up on stage and told everybody that big government was the enemy and unions sucked and Mitt Romney deserved to be president and by the way OH YEAH SO DID YOU. All of that.

Of course, all of that that wasn’t about your people or your state, but hey, guess the fuck what? It’s always your state. It’s always your people. That the POINT of that big government you hate so much. If it isn’t you today it will be tomorrow, which is why what happens to somebody can happen to anybody, so maybe you should have thought about that before here you come the inquisitor demanding to know what assholery commences here.

Maybe you should have recognized that as small as your beloved party likes to draw the circle, you are statistically likely to end up on the outside of it at least once in your life. And then you blow up all I SAY HOW DARE YOU SIR, when the same thing happened to about a thousand people last week and you didn’t say shit.

You’re not wrong in this instance, Christie, but the point is you wouldn’t have been wrong in ANY instance involving any other state had you chosen to open your yap and risk breaking a rib speaking up, and you waited till now, so don’t you dare act surprised.


4 thoughts on “Welcome to the United States of YOUR OWN PARTY, You Monumental Assclown

  1. I give it about 10 minutes until he blames the lack of a vote on the teachers unions. Oh, and Rep. Peter King, among the leading sociopaths in a party full of them, supposedly threatened to SWITCH PARTIES, he was so upset. He and his bad case of butthurt definitely need a lesson in recent history.
    Also, too, Hillary Clinton has been a kickass SecState and the House is not the Senate, but if she had still been in the Senate, I really wonder whether Boehner would’ve had the stones to try this.

  2. Whoever said it first sure got it right — “Our fate is your fate.”
    According to Adrasto’s post below, Cantor supported disaster relief, which, if true, is a welcome change…though more and more I want to shout at these creeps, especially since they don’t have the slightest problem literally throwing money away overseas.
    I doubt they’d lose any sleep over it, but would love to hear someone tell them that history has already judged them as assholes of the highest order…

  3. This is a cut and paste from a comment I posted yesterday on Daily Kos:
    Breaking News: New England Republicans were today shocked to find out that Republicans are assholes. Quoting governor Christie “I had no idea that they would deny money to someone they knew. I thought they only hated poor people they had never met”.
    Representative King had this to add: “Yesterday I thought they were assholes but now they have decided to give me money and we can go back to just hating poor people in general so I’m happy now”.

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