Congressional Authorization for War is So Last Century


“In a world with many dangers, this menace must be confronted,” Obama declared in the Rose Garden 10 days after Bashar Assad’s forces allegedly massacred 1,400 civilians with chemical weapons.

“After careful deliberation, I have decided that the United States should take military action against Syrian regime targets,” he said, describing himself as “prepared to give that order.”

The president’s hastily arranged remarks — demonstrators protesting outside the White House gates could be heard from the West Wing only minutes before he spoke — sucked the urgency out of what had looked like a imminent military strike.

Instead, cruise missile-carrying warships off Syria’s coast will have to wait until the week of Sept. 9. That’s when Congress returns from a month-long vacation to take up a measure, drafted by the White House, giving Obama the green-light.

Well, that will be interesting. Especially since if Congress says no, cable news will run a 24-hour WILL THE PRESIDENT DEFY CONGRESS OR DOES HE HAVE A TINY PENIS “special” “report” until he does just that.

Will enough Republicans remain in their “fuck Obama” track to say no and thus join the four Democrats who aren’t monumentally full of shit in voting no? I could see it, because then they could claim Obama is weak on foreign policy and defense, just like every Democrat 4 EVAR, and run on it in 2016.

Run on how they would never have been such pussies as to ask Congress anything in the first place, of course.


4 thoughts on “Congressional Authorization for War is So Last Century

  1. While on one hand this looks like Boner telling Obama, “We’ll come back and talk about your international crisis issue when we’re damn good and ready,” which of course would be another example of the high dickishness the Republicans are capable of; still, if it slows down this rush that Obama’s got going then maybe that’s a good thing.
    I read something this morning that the US has the world’s most powerful military which, given that, is feeling “restive.” I don’t see the military as the one driving this train; it’s the civilians who can’t wait to start shooting.

  2. So how many days will they meet in September.
    And considering their record of deliberation, how likely will it be that Congress can deal with yet one more pressing problem?
    Sequestration / passing a budget
    The debt ceiling
    Farm Bill (admittedly part of the budget problem)
    dealing with radical right attempts to hold Congress hostage while they try to defund Obamacare.

  3. Well put Snarki. Well consistent with the last 4 years.
    Plus throw in that while there is a moral imperative to stop the blatant human rights abuses (including LIFE as well mentioned in some posts a few days ago), this is a situation where I don’t see a clearly good choice of action. So the repubs will be looking to hang this on Obama’s neck.
    After all, as another thread points out, they’re trying to hang Katrina around his neck.

  4. Don’t misunderestimate GOPer strategery!
    I expect a “sure, go ahead with the attack, but pay for it out of the Obamacare funds”
    Maybe with some debt ceiling hostage-taking thrown into the mix.
    Perhaps Obama can play off one band of insane authoritarian terrorists against the other, but it’s a dangerous game.

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