The Lutheran Insulter

I’m preternaturally fond of old school insult comedians. I worship at the feet of Rickles and even remember Fat Jack E Leonard with distressing fondness. Insult comedians, however, tend to be Jewish but Martin Luther-you know the dude who nailed that list thing to the door of a church-was the original one. He may, in fact, be the only known German comedian of his era.<rim shot>

Click on this LINK to get dissed.

Here are a few choice samples of Luther’s career as a proto-Mr. Warmth:

You stink like devilish filth flung into Germany.

You are dumber than Seriphian frogs and fishes.

Even if your writings were from an angel from heaven I would take this
horrible document, and, after having used it as toilet paper, wipe its

Via Charles Pierce.

5 thoughts on “The Lutheran Insulter

  1. Interrobang,
    Luther wrote a whole book of his comedy stylings:On the Jews and Their Lies. It doesn’t get as much press as his later works, but all of the ugliness and hate that was to define german antisemitism four hundred years later is in there.
    From reading the wiki article, it seems as if the phrase “devilish filth flung into germany” is a reference to the jews and is excerpted from that book.

  2. Minus the virulent anti-Semitism (I clicked on the link, EGN), Luther could be the 16th Century’s answer to the Van Morrison “Who’s Grumpy” album…

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