Watching The Crazy Go Up To Eleven


Living ingun nut country — but not owning a gun myself — I’m occasionally surprised at how, well, common gun ownership is around here. That’s partly because, even though it’s definitely gun nut territory, people generally usually don’t loudly screech about them, brandish them, or otherwise get in your face with their demands to fondle their firearms 24/7.

Which is something that strikes me about thelatest up-to-eleven crazyreactions to the proposals for additional gun regulation, namely, the sheer volume and degree of shrill. To be blunt, what a bunch of wussies.

Maybe it’s just me, but you’d think people who were genuinely concerned about the jack-booted-thugs-from-the-big-mean-gubmit coming to take away their precious shooting irons would be a little less eagerto call attention to themselves and their arsenals. But instead, they can’t seem to stop blathering on, and on…and on. Which for me is revelatory — all talk.

In their paranoid, delusional dreams they see themselves as Dirty Harry…but their reality is a lot closer to Barney Fife.

5 thoughts on “Watching The Crazy Go Up To Eleven

  1. Not sure you’re using the right analogy in the picture. If I remember my correctly, the wolf actually did come at the end. Perhaps Chicken LIttle might be more appropriate.

  2. Deputy Barney was allowed only one bullet by Sheriff Andy . Apparently the NRA at the time didn’t decry his inability to defend himself.

  3. @dapaPa – and may I add that the only time Barney’s weapon was fired was accidentally and, to the best of my memory, always while it was in his holster (as in almost shooting off his foot).

  4. Not to mention that (and as they used the Jack-Booted Thugs I concentrate on the Nazis):
    1) the jack-booted thugs / brownshirts of Nazi Germany were a populist result of Hitler organizing / bringing into an umbrella of hatred and vision of a glorious Germany. That is they had a lot more in common with the private gun owners of today than with the govt.
    2) Two groups spring to mind that have or have had a strong level of support for the Nazis. One is the power brokers – as examples, Ford had anti-Semite Nazi tracts translated into English; Prescott Bush was caught in money laundering money for the Nazis – like today’s laws forbidding money for terrorist organizations it was illegal at the time to give money to Nazis Germany. Even though PB was subsequently a Senator, Hoover held that he was a Nazi (of course the evidence is tainted by Hoover’s propensity to sling Commie and Nazi at anyone he didn’t like).
    The other group is today’s White Supremist movement.

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