Second Term

I sort of feel like Joey the Shark and Barack Me Amadeus should switch places for Term Two, like Obama should get to be like on two weeks’ notice, where you get to leave early and wear a Grateful Dead t-shirt to work and crack open a beer at your desk because what are they going to do, fire you?

I don’t mean actually blow off work, I just mean have a fucking cigarette and stub it out on Boehner’s car if you want, man.


5 thoughts on “Second Term

  1. Oh, I think the Repugs have Obama’s number and, if anything, the second term will be worse than the first.
    Obama’s shown precious little imagination to date in dealing with the insanity that is the Republican Party today, and has bent over backwards to accommodate that insanity, not to mention walking into their deficit trap and then claiming it was his own idea.
    Bend over far enough and you wind up with your head up your ass.

  2. I was thinking the other day that when Hillary runs in 2016, Biden should be her VP candidate.
    Because he’s just so GOOD at it!
    (And I don’t think there’s any constitution prohibition against it.)

  3. @Robert: I hadn’t thought about it, but 1) he IS good at it, and 2) no, there’s no constitutional prohibition.
    Although if she picked Samuel L. Jackson as a running mate, I’d probably be good with that, too.

  4. Remember how the right was screaming before the election that the only reason gas prices were low as that Obama was holding them down till after the election…just wait till December?
    Where are they now?

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