The Sore Losers Ball

Glenn Beck seems bound and determined to get the public’s attention again. This time he threw an anti-Obama inauguration party in the capital of Wingnutistan, Dallas:

The event swiftly trended on Twitter – #misfitsball – with supporters
expressing gratitude for a chance to tune out Obama’s triumph. “This
ball gives me hope that their are still sane people left in the world,”
tweeted @ShogunOfTruth.

The menu comprised offerings from
Chick-fil-A, a fast-food chain which embroiled in a same-sex marriage
row last year, Twinkies, which disappeared from shelves after a union
dispute, and peanut butter and jello sandwiches.

Beck, a Tea Party
pin-up and syndicated commentator and broadcaster, was due to address
the gathering later in the evening. It marked a follow-up of sorts to
his Restoring Honor rally, which was held at Washington’s Lincoln
Memorial in 2010.

He called Monday’s celebration an “epic misfits
ball” to rival the two inauguration balls held in honour of Obama, whom
he prefers not to name.

“While that guy is having his ball, we’re having ours,”he said, adding that his guests would come from all walks of American life. “It should be everyone who is no longer welcome in ‘Obamaland’… whoever’s not allowed in that guy’s America.”

Um, Glenny, even you are welcome in my America. I believe in diversity even when it includes wingnut clowns who were *too extreme* for Fox News.

The worst thing about the party was the shitty food. Chick-Fil-A? Really, dude? It’s just a pity that ya’ll couldn’t have borrowed this float from the Krewe du Vieux sub-krewe, Seeds of Decline, to spice up your sore losers ball:

Seeds of Decline 2013

This photo was taken by Seedy Decliney guy Michael Homan. If you like to see more of Homan’s chicken chokin’ snaps click on this here LINKEROO. He’s the mustachioed chicken in a frou-frou yellow tutu…

6 thoughts on “The Sore Losers Ball

  1. Maybe it was more because I wanted it to be so, but I thought Beck had dropped into oblivion.
    And you said “Wingnutistan, Dallas”. On first glance I innacurately looked at that as city and state – and was gonna say that it wasn’t just a part of Dallas, but all Dallas.

  2. What the hell? Pb and jello sandwiches?
    And didn’t they hear? Didn’t chik fil a cave in? It’s traitorous homo food now. Or something.

  3. It’s traitorous homo food now
    Traitorous Homo Food is the name of my Fine Young Cannibals tribute band.

  4. “What the hell? Pb and jello sandwiches?”
    Mmmm…lead and jello sammiches. Just the thing to serve to wingnuts.
    Wonder if they served Miller Lite, AKAGlenn Beck Piss.

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