The big mustache of nullification

Mississippi seems determined to out-stupid the rest of the old Confederacy byproposing a bill that would let them nullify Federal laws. No gun grabbers need apply, y’all. Some of us, of course, thought that this matter was settled by a little thing called the Civil War but what the hell do I know? The spirit of John C Calhoun is still abroad in the land, apparently. Of course, he was not a blithering idiot but Jefferson Davis sure was and he was from you know where.

The thing that caught my eye is a picture of one of the bill’s sponsors, GOP State Rep. Jeff Smith, not Davis. He has aRollie Fingers thing going on above his upper lip. I suspect his stache is bigger than his brain…


7 thoughts on “The big mustache of nullification

  1. Rep. Smith’s pornstache will return to popularity before the misguided interpretation of his role as legislator will. Nullification should have gone out with the crushing of the Whiskey Rebellion in 1794. Perhaps Rep. Smith will reconsider before the US Marshals come a knockin’.

  2. Probably thinks the stache makes him look interesting. Nope. Just makes him look kind of creepy.

  3. Can you imagine how chaotic and impotent the nation would be if any federal law could be nullified by a single state on a whim?
    And coming from the deep south, I don’t remember federal law being that big an argument when I was growing up = other than certain specific groups. Now it seems like the south is alive with almost exclusively repubs / conservative who are launching all sorts of insane attempts.

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