Chuck Hagel is the New Satan

A highlight from the Kerry confirmation hearing (which wasFULL OF HIGHLIGHTS for those of us who loved John Kerry which I think is just me and Hillary at this point) last week:

Let this serve as a lesson for every other Republican out there. No matter how long you’ve been a Republican, or what you’ve done as a Republican, or how you’ve refrained (mostly) from pointing out that your own party is bugfuck insane and who are these people and who let them in here anyway, the minute a Democrat says something nice about you, or gives you a job such as Secretary of Something, you become HITLTER TIMES INFINITY and it is time to take you down:


(And suddenly we hate Pentagon contracts and benefits to private companies and also conflicts of interest? Suddenly this is a problem?)

I don’t love Hagel at all, think he was kind of a crap choice and wonder why we couldn’t find a Democrat to deal with this job, but it is immensely amusing to watch Republicans throw somebody over the side like this. And I can’t believe more people don’t watch how this kind of thing happens and think twice about signing up for an outfit that treats its members like this.


4 thoughts on “Chuck Hagel is the New Satan

  1. And the irony that Obama by nominating these repubs is showing bipartisanship while being criticized for being the ultimate left-winger.

  2. The big bad evil guy always turns on his minions–always.
    If you’re not sure if your current boss is a BBEG, look around for long-time veteran minions. Compare that number to the number of minions you’ve seen being turned into monsters or casually discarded when they get in the way.

  3. I like the pick. Most of the Democrats who were listed a possibles are much more hawkish than Hagel because of the pre-Obama soft on commies/terrists days.

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