Mom, Apple Pie…and AK-47s


Whenever even the most modest of restrictions or regulations of guns is discussed you seecounter arguments of thiskind…yet, and sorry to be a bit ugly here, Nancy Lanza owned an assault rifle, but it did not assist at all in her personal defense.

While I don’t own a gun myself, I’m more than willing to let people own guns…but when they start fetishizing and fantasizing about being ultimate vigilantes…then I have a problem. Movies like Dirty Harry or Death Wish are myths. But a significant segment of the public has taken these myths to heart. And THAT’S the problem: a stubborn belief that justice has been perverted by “librul” insistence on rights, due process, rule of law (not to mention therapy for terrorists), and that only cold steel dispensing hot lead will save us. But reality is far more complicated, as we unfortunately see almost every day…

8 thoughts on “Mom, Apple Pie…and AK-47s

  1. The whole “criminals won’t follow background check/magazine size/assault weapons laws, so don’t pass them” argument should be followed by:
    Yeah? Criminals murder people, and that’s against the law too. So I guess we should get rid of those murder laws. Good to know, ’cause YOU just went on my LIST.

  2. But bullets solve everything! And Adam Lanza would have killed just as many people- wait no- HUNDREDS MORE if he had a tea cozy instead of firearms!

  3. Also, the Griego mom and dad, and siblings, killed by eldest teenage son… good thing mom had an AR-15! Also, why does this suburban mom think that she is going to have to defend her six screaming babies from marauders — where does she live? Somali?

  4. Life in the Age of Paranoia:
    “Mom, I’m ashamed, but I didn’t make the bathroom on time. I wet my pants. Mom, put down the Uzi, please. Please?”
    “No, honest, my mom lets me use the Glock all the time. Wanna try it?”
    “Oh, man, it was somethin’ to see. My mom went off her medication and then she shot a hole in the sink.”
    “Nah, I’m only at my grandparents for a while. My dad is gonna be okay, and my mom’ll be out in June.”
    “Whenever I smellhot rollscordite, I think of my Mom.”

  5. So the VAWA is a problem because some women would make false accusations and the accused spouse would be denied the right to rebuttal.
    Arming all women is a better way to protect them from violence because…a dead spouse totally has the right to rebut the charges? Um…
    So in her world, the same women who would falsely accuse their spouse of abuse would never even think of just shooting their spouse and saying “Well, he abused me.”
    Let me guess: in her world, women never, ever have to defend themselves or their babies from abusive partners–just from random hordes of rampaging ruffians.

  6. In Trotter’s defense, she was the more sane of the pro-gunnut witnesses yesterday.
    But then again the bar was set pretty low since La Pierre sat at the end of the bench.

  7. Of course, there is a gigantic difference between firing a gun in a controlled environment on a target range and firing one at a person, even more when the situation is chaotic and you have to remember things like what is beyond your target. So should we organize human hunts and give the “prey” some limited ability to return fire?
    And the whole “If I had a gun there then there wouldn’t have been a problem” is really crumbling as Sandy Hook is looking like he got his assault weapons as a small selection of what his survivalist mother had. And it is starting to look like the New Mexico shootings the other day were the same.

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