Well, YEAH

British people say fuck your war:

Two-thirds of Britons do not care if refusing to intervene militarily in Syria damages the US-UK “special relationship,” according to a BBC poll released Monday.

The poll also found 71 percent of Britons felt the House of Commons was right to reject Prime Minister David Cameron’s call for military action in Syria last week.

Our “special relationship” can’t quite be quantified to most ordinary Britons, not the way, say, a bunch of coffins can.


2 thoughts on “Well, YEAH

  1. Oddly, I haven’t seen but the briefest of paragraphs on Britain voting thumbs down on Syria. Other than on First-Draft, no sort of explanation on why the thumbs down.
    OTOH – I sat in a restaurant that had a TV and was showing a cable news network which gave continuous video feed apparently for 2 hours straight, of a door which they identified as the hospital door the new royal parents would emerge.
    I mean it was a nice door. But just don’t understand why it got more than twenty times more news time than Britain’s Syria vote and any sort of analysis of why.

  2. HAZZAH! history shall be kind to the blivet! yay! democracy slam! AWESOME! what could go wrong because of georgee fucking W bush.

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