‘A Ratings Win’

Win the poop ship, guys.

CNN likely spent in the mid-five figures to cover the event, according to a rough estimate TVNewser put together. A local Alabama helicopter charter company told us a mid-size helicopter would likely cost around $1,000 an hour to rent, while medium-sized boats in the area run a few hundred dollars a day. The rental fees, combined with costs associated with sending staff to Alabama from Atlanta and New York, and fees associated with broadcasting live on location, and it adds up to somewhere in the $30-$50K range.

Journalism is dying because you kids don’t read anymore, and you’re too busy lining up for iPads to be serious about real news.


One thought on “‘A Ratings Win’

  1. OK. I’ll ask the obvious. What did having a live video of the boat add to the news? What did it shed light on? Did they get a picture that showed the condition (as opposed to a distant boat on the water).
    No interviews (and all a passenger could give in the interview was that it was horrible).
    All it got was a picture of a boat floating in the water. I think Archimeded figured it out a few millenia ago.

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