Quote of the day: Sequestration edition

Today’s quote comes from the great Charlie Pierce:

I found an empty airport terminal under my Sequester tree, and Sequester Santa ate all the cookies I put out for him and left me some tainted meat in return.

All I’ve got to add is this: don’t sit under the Sequester tree with anyone else but me…

Here’s my favorite song with tree in the title:

Guess I fibbed about that I’ve got nothing more to add thing. Hey, at least I didn’t go alll Joyce Kilmer on your asses…

3 thoughts on “Quote of the day: Sequestration edition

  1. Nice tree reference. And thanks for not going Kilmer on us. His insipid rhymes I was forced to memorize in my innocent youth haunt me to this day.
    As for Boner, he too shall pass. His place holding speakership is about to come to an end. The bloodshot eyes tell the story. He can’t do his masters’ bidding and can’t ignore the T-baggers. And that brown liquor that had proven such a faithful friend in the past no longer helps. Exit door right, Mr Speaker. You’re done.

  2. My question is how are the dems gonna finally confront the repubs on this. The repubs built it (Ryan took credit for it). Boehner is sitting back and taking joy out of just saying no to every offer (kind of reminds me of the typical conservative trick epitomized by Archie Bunker and Michael Stivick. Just sit back and dismiss everything that is said. Then take glory when the liberal goes ballistic. In a real life example, remember Cheney saying “So?”)
    Are we gonna get Faux News to point out every extra minute you wait at the airport is the fault of Boehner? etc.

  3. What puzzles me about the sequester is that supply side economists and their supporters should be lauding it. Doesn’t each dollar the government fails to spend free up a dollar of private sector spending? Doesn’t each laid off government worker free up an employee for the free market? Surely we should be seeing Republicans everywhere dancing in the streets celebrating the sequester. Where the f— are they?

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