Hippie Punching

I know this is childish of me, and probably beneath the standards of this estimable establishment, but in case you haven’t heard, Venezuela’sHugo Chavez has died. And while unlike my fellow liberals I was never one to fawn over Chavez, actually knowing some Venezuelans who suffered under his regime, I find the right-wing’s opportunistic hippie-punching a little too much to bear:


Seriously? That’s the best you can do? Take a pot shot at Sean Penn and Oliver Stone? Conservatives never cease to amaze me in their pettiness.

10 thoughts on “Hippie Punching

  1. Too bad; for all his faults, Chavez was a champion against corrupt corporations. And let us not forget the Bush administration’s failed coup attempt back in 2002:
    Anyone remember the cool, even-tempered response by the U.S. of A. to an infraction against it a few months earlier? All things considered, Chavez has far more to recommend him than his opposite number here in the United States for much of his administration. Hard to fathom why we feel quite so high and mighty – entitled, if you will – to denigrate Sr. Chavez.
    Godspeed, Hugo; and may flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.

  2. It’s so depressing to have to share a nation with so many total fucking idiots.

  3. I guess it’s easier to pick on Sean Penn than Joseph Kennedy, Jr. After all Kennedy was only in business with Chavez and the oil company. I hope the oil deal will stay in place for Low Income people in the NE.

  4. You actually know “some” people who have suffered under Chevez’s regime? No wonder you don’t fawn over him. I guess you don’t know anyone who is suffering under Obama’s regime, considering how you fawn over him. Maybe you could inform your readers of what Chavez has done that actually hurt the average American citizen.

  5. @DaveL: Uh, I think she’s referring to Venezuelans hurt by Chavez’s government. Not everything is about Americans.

  6. Of course she was referring to Venezuelans. My point is that she fawns over Obama while he does more harm to America than Chevez did to his country. I find that to be hypocritical.

  7. As a regular reader of her blog, I can verify that SB does not fawn over Obama. That’s all I’ve got to say on the subject of Obama v. Chavez because I recognize trolling when I see it.

  8. Let’s see if I got this right Adrastos. I respond to a post by Southern Beale, YOU JUMP IN, I defend my comments, you disagree and declare that’s all you have to say while dismissing me as a troll. And that’s AFTER Southern Beale has already defended herself. Please, let Southern Beale defend herself, she doesn’t need your help.

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