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Bad enough there are LEGAL foreclosures on military personnel serving overseas (Really, we can’t wait a few weeks until they come home to kick them to the curb?), but this:

When regulators forced them to take a close look at their loans, JPMorgan, Wells Fargo and Bank of America, the largest loan servicers, each discovered about 200 military members whose homes were wrongfully foreclosed on in 2009 and 2010, according to the people with direct knowledge of the findings. Citigroup had at least 100 such foreclosures. The foreclosures violate theServicemembers Civil Relief Act, a federal law requiring banks to obtain court orders before foreclosing on active-duty members.

“It’s absolutely devastating to be 7,000 miles from your home fighting for this country and get a message that your family is being evicted,” said Col. John S. Odom Jr., a retired Air Force lawyer in Shreveport, La., who represents military members in foreclosure cases. “We have been sounding the alarms that the banks are illegally evicting the very men and women who are out there fighting for this country. This is a devastating confirmation of that.”

The banks note that the wrongful evictions make up a fraction of the foreclosures under review. Bank of America analyzed more than 1.2 million loans, and JPMorgan assessed roughly 900,000.

I am sure that is an incredible comfort to those kicked out of their homes, that you only fucked up THEIR cases. Their credit. Their lives. I’m sure they feel really good about that. Especially a squillion miles away, having to burn up phone calls with freaked-out spouses or relatives trying to figure out where they’re going to live now that they’ve beenforeclosed on. Like I’m sorry the banks are having a bad day with this but it’s not their kids who have to grab all their shit and stuff it into trash bags quick so they can get out ahead of the guys with the padlocks.

Jesus tits and God America, who is advising these people on how to speak in public? PR is not that hard, even with something that sucks this much. Leave the justifications and the WELL IT WAS ONLY A COUPLE OF AMERICAN HEROES WE KICKED OUT OF THEIR HOUSES REALLY for someone who cares. The minute you start blithering and explaining and trying to make yourself look better, it is OVER.

We feel terrible, even one case is too many, etc. We’re very sorry.Full fucking stop.

Instead they just keep digging:

The banks also found a handful of foreclosures related to botched loan modifications. In those cases, the people with direct knowledge said, customers had successfully negotiated a permanently lower mortgage payment, but the banks failed to honor those agreements.

Ms. Adams, the Wells Fargo spokeswoman, said the bank identified only five cases of foreclosure on borrowers “technically not in default.” She noted, though, that the customers were “seriously delinquent” and the problems may have been caused by mortgage payments made “close to the scheduled foreclosure action.” Ms. Adams said in all but one case, “we identified the issues ourselves in a timely manner and reversed them immediately, so that the customers did not lose their homes.”

You know, if somebody at the coffee shop forgets my coffee order they at least say man, I’m sorry, here’s one on the house. Not “we were really busy and here’s all the orders we DIDN’T forget, see, and by the way you always speak your order too fast and we need more staff up here and it’s raining and maybe all this is your fault anyway for taking a penny from the dish last week even though the sign says take a penny and you put a nickel in.”



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