Friday Night Music: Your Southern Can Is Mine

There’s amust read article in the Guardian about Jack White’s involvement in re-releasing some vintage Delta blooze records from the Document Records catalog. One of the artists is the late Blind Willie McTell who is best known for writingStatesboro Blues. Tonight’s tune is a song that White discusses in the aforementioned article:

In the White Stripes, White coveredYour Southern Can Is Mine
by Blind Willie McTell, the third artist in the initial series. “I love
that phrase,” he says. “At first I thought: ‘Your can? What are you
talking about? A cup of coffee? Then I realised he’s talking about her
ass: ‘Your ass is mine!’ That side of it is clear, but people think he
was also singing about white ruling classes in America. He was very
knowledgeable and knew what he could get away with. Even in interviews,
you could tell he had a great sense of racial relations and how defiant
he really was. To be blind, black and southern, he had a lot of strikes
against him and his lyrics showed just how intelligent he was.”

We’ll start with the White Stripes version:

Here’s Mr. McTell’s rendition of his own song:

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Music: Your Southern Can Is Mine

  1. i got McTell. one of my faves. i stil loves my mississipp sheiks the best cause i bought it for their name. mississippi john hurt. son house yada yada yada.

  2. Ah Jack White, we love him here in Nashville. He’s lived here for a few years, moved his entire company down here, even started pressing vinyl records, which apparently all the kewl kids have rediscovered. See, it’s not all wingnuts and Bible bangers down here!

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