3 thoughts on “Mark Your Calendars

  1. I can hardly wait. My daughter turned me on to this series and I watched 4 seasons in two weeks. Still waiting for season 5 to be released by Netflix. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. I share your obsession, Adrastos. So does my wife. I think she favors The Wire in the competition for The Great American TV Series, but Mad Men is right up there for her. As for me, I’m putting the tales of Don and his crew at #1.
    It’s terrific that Elisabeth Moss will remain for the next seasons. I’m very much looking forward to seeing Peggy become a big fucking deal with her Virginia Slims ciggy campaign, and how she and Don deal with THAT reality. Also, it’s interesting to experience a female central character whose most dramatic (soapy?) circumstances center on her professional circumstances instead of her personal romances.
    That said, that first-season thing between Peggy and Pete? Wow, that had content. Pete laying out his I’ll-bring-home-a-bloody-deer-and-you’ll-cook-it-for-me-NOW fantasy, and Peggy responding to it with an odd arousal- that was some interesting teevee.

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