Time for some non-Papal posting. I do, however, get a kick out of A’s calling him Pope Frank. It reminds me of the late, great Francis Albert Sinatra, sinner and patron saint of saloon singers.

Now where the hell was I? Oh yeah, saboteurs. I’m referring to GOP Governors and how their massive resistance to the ACA is sabotaging it and harming the interests of their own people. The current generation of Gopers is so in thrall to the teabaggers and the Randian/Social-Darwinian 1% that they’ve forgotten how many Republican voters do not have affordable health insurance. Do they care? Of course not, as my pal Lamar White indicates in his post about the Gret Stet’s very own health care refusenik, Bobby Jindal:

In less than thirty days, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal will make a final decision on whether he wants to accept, according to a report published by his own Department of Health and Hospitals, as much as $25 billion from the federal government in order to guarantee and expand health care coverage for as many as 653,000 poor and working class Louisiana families and individuals. By all indications, it appears that Jindal will continue to dig in his heels, arguing that accepting the money would stick Louisiana taxpayers with a worst-case-scenario bill for $1.7 billion over the next ten years. If he does, in fact, decide to pass on receiving billions and billions of dollars in aid to which Louisiana is already entitled, Bobby Jindal will solidify, permanently, his legacy as the worst Governor in the history of the Great State of Louisiana. And he will prove, once and for all, that he never cared about Louisiana, that he always considered his office on the fourth floor of the Capitol Building and his mansion across the street as nothing more than temporary rental property.

Along with Lamar, I would be shocked if PBJ did the right thing and signed on. He’s a classic contemporary Republican: more interested in kicking the unholy shit out of this President than in taking care of his constituents. In PBJ’s case, it’s all about his fantasy that he can be the next GOP nominee for President and prove that a guy with dark skin can be just as white as the Rick Perrys of the world. He’ll never meet the gold standard on whiteness however: Willard Mittbot Romney stands alone in that regard.

Speaking of massive resistance and sabotage from Southern Governors, Rachel Maddow had an awesome piece last night that kicked off with a discussion of Mississippi Gov Phil Bryant’s takedown of a very promising health care plan that the state Insurance Commish hoped to implement. Bryant undoubtedly was worried that black folks would benefit, ignoring the fact that many of his peckerwood, lilly white woolhat supporters would benefit as well.


It’s well past time for the MSM to stop obsessing out over the fucking HealthCare.Gov web site and point a finger of blame at the real saboteurs, Republican state officials who would rather be ideologically pure than allow Barack Obama any sort of victory. It’s the modern day equivalent of standing in the schoolhouse door and blocking students from entering. Unlike the David Gregorys of the world, history will not be kind to these saboteurs.

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  1. Let me ask a few dumb questions: 1) If a Nov 30 article says Jindall will decide in less than 30 days, what does that do to the ability of the citizens to sign up for the appropriate insurance coverage by the Jan 1 deadline?
    2) While massive amounts of attention have been paid to problems in the computer system for signing up for the ACA, how come there is barely a whisper that as the plans change from state to state, the system is highly dependent on the individual states doing their necessary work on both providing accurate data AND in doing the necessary work on their state computer systems to make this information available. (As in a large part of the computer problems aren’t tied up with the states not doing their work and (even worse) not having established what their insurance exchanges are.

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