Album Cover Art Wednesday: Rat On- Swamp Dogg

It’s time for a new pop culture feature here at First Draft: Album Cover Art Wednesday. I’m not one of those people who is a vinyl nostalgist or revivalist. I’m a CD man. In fact, I have boxes full of LPs in my closet that I haven’t listened to in many years but I still cannot bear to part with. I may not be a nostalgist but I am a pack rat. Don’t get Dr A started on that subject…

The one thing I do miss is album art in the LP format. I love the hiss and pop free sound of CDs but the wee inserts muddle the album art pretty badly. Hence this feature. I’ll be focusing on pre-1990 covers mostly, including some that are so campy and cheesy that I love them, such as this inaugural cover:


One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Rat On- Swamp Dogg

  1. I’ve actually seen rats in New York and Chicago that weren’t much smaller…

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