Deep Priebus Report Thought

Reince and the GOP seem to want to make nice with the 47% without really changing their policies. It reminds me of the *last* few Republican “reforms.” Remember kinder and gentler or compassionate conservatism? Is this leading to a Bush revival in the person of the allegedly “smart one” or is it just another Back To The Future sequel? Stay tuned, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Deep Priebus Report Thought

  1. Rancid Prepuce and his cohort all seem to be about marketing the GOP better and not actually adopting popular policies. We will see how that works but I fear it will be enough to bamboozle the rubes again.

  2. Vote for Biff Tannen.
    Entrepreneur and job creator! Also his ancestor was a cowboy and cowboys are manly.

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