Kissing Cousins?

This could prove to be an interesting test of my personal experience theory:

Jean Podrasky, 48, a lesbian who wants to marry her partner, will be at Tuesday’s U.S. Supreme Court hearing on Proposition 8 in seating reserved for family members and guests of Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.

“I am so excited,” said Podrasky, an accountant and the first cousin
of the chief justice on his mother’s side. “I feel quite honored and

Roberts is a conservative appointed by President George W. Bush in 2005. Podrasky, who is more liberal, said she rooted for his nomination to be approved by the U.S. Senate. “He is family,” she said.

Podrasky lives in San Francisco and usually sees Roberts only on
family occasions. His mother is her godmother, whom she adores. She said
Roberts knows she is gay and introduced her along with other relatives
during his Senate confirmation hearing. She hopes he will meet her
partner of four years, Grace Fasano, during their Washington visit. The
couple flew to Washington on Sunday.

“He is a smart man,” she said. “He is a good man. I believe he sees
where the tide is going. I do trust him. I absolutely trust that he will
go in a good direction.”

Podrasky obtained the highly coveted courtroom seats by emailing
Roberts’ sister, Peggy Roberts, and then going through his secretary.
Roberts knows she is attending, she said. She, her partner, her sister
and her niece will attend Tuesday’s arguments on Proposition 8. On
Wednesday, her father will take her niece’s place for the hearing on the
challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act.

Although Podrasky has no personal knowledge of her cousin’s views on
same-sex marriage, she expects the court will overturn the 2008 ballot
initiative, leaving her free to marry Fasano.

I really hope she’s right about the result. My gut instinct is that Cousin Chief will vote with Silent Clarence and Scalito. I would, however, enjoy being pleasantly surprised by Roberts. He has done it before, after all.

If nothing else, this story will give the wingers heartburn and punch their conspiracy theory buttons. Who will the be first to speculate that Roberts is a sleeper agent? I’ll leave the Freeper speculation to Tommy T after he recovers. Get well, soon, mon frere.

5 thoughts on “Kissing Cousins?

  1. Don’t get your hopes up about Roberts. He’s a Catholic and can compartmentalize. It’s what we do.

  2. Also, I’m sure you’ve seen photos of Roberts that would set off one’s gaydar. If I were to make a prediction, I would lean more toward “protest too much.”

  3. I encourage all right-wingers that are enraged at Roberts (his ACA vote, his possible Prop 8 vote) to push to have him impeached.
    They have the votes in the House. DO IT, or slink off like craven impotent RINOs, whining and mewling.

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