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  1. Today, many times, while reading “The Cursing Mommy Book of Days” by Ian Frazier. Laughed so hard I nearly fell off the bed. The Cursing Mommy’s rants always conclude with all-caps invocations of various Republicans, used as expletives. It’s so righteous!

  2. Thursday night at a Nashville Predators hockey game, reading a hilarious Twitter convo between two sports journalists full of delicious snark over the fact that we had to be subjected to Lee Greenwood LIVE in the flesh performing that wretched jingoistic “Proud To Be An American” song on the band stage.
    It went something like this:
    Journo 1: Lee Greenwood. Very available. Can’t imagine why.
    Journo 2: Amazing he was free.
    Journo 3: at least he knows he’s free
    I don’t know why that tickled my funny bone but it did. Eveyrbody, even the most ardent right-winger, despises Lee Greenwood and that awful song. Every game we have to listen to a recording of it during the “honor the troops” section of every game (I’m assuming all NHL teams do this? Maybe not, maybe it’s our proximity to Ft. Campbell that makes this a Nashville thing). So it’s especially excrutiating to have to hear the ENTIRE song performed by Greenwood himself, live.

  3. The bag of bickering hammers that is the GOP has been making me laugh a lot lately. The white supremacist holding court at CPAC’s minority outreach breakout gave me belly laughs, but more recently I read that Virginia’s Attorney General, Ken Cuccinelli, the likely GOP candidate for Governor in 2014, came out with two legal opinions as this weekend began. This nutball claimed that the State’s contemplation of Medicaid expansion as provided in the ACA and the recently passed State transportation bill’s funding mechanism are both unconstitutional.
    Here’s a GOP State Legislator responding to the second opinion by Cuccinelli:
    “S. Chris Jones, R-Suffolk, who carried the revised transportation bill that included taxes for regional initiatives in Hampton Roads and Northern Virginia, disagreed with the opinion but said he was not surprised by it.
    “With all due respect to the attorney general, it’s just one attorney’s opinion,” Jones said.”
    I’ll repeat: Cuccinelli is the top attorney for the State of Virginia and is also the likely GOP candidate for Governor in 2014. Take that in, and reread Jones’ statement.

  4. last week when the dog was playing so hard on the couch she fell off – looked around to make sure no one was watching her, then casually walked away…

  5. Greenwood’s song speaks to an older and more rural American pride, I suspect, than is kewl nowadays.
    Oh, btw. I despise kewl.

  6. Poirot, earlier today, had a scene with Captain Hastings that got me by the funnybone.

  7. The day the Pope resigned – a Thursday – my sister posted on Facebook:
    “Maybe I’ll eat meat tomorrow; who’s gonna stop me?”

  8. I have a New Yorker subscription and usually there’s at least one cartoon that really cracks me up…but the most recent laugh-out-loud came yesterday reading this passage from Matt Taibbi
    “How much did you know about this whole SCP portfolio?” Levin asks.
    “At that point in time,” Waterhouse answers, “I knew very little.”
    We’re talking about a portfolio that had a notional value, at its peak, of $157 billion. And the government’s chief examiner of that particular bank admits he didn’t really know about it until it blew up.
    4:40:05 I almost choked when I heard this next thing: Waterhouse, in explaining how it was he didn’t pay attention to this explosive synthetic credit derivative portfolio, explains, “Given that it didn’t surface to our attention, we spent our time focusing on what we considered the higher-risk activities.”
    Higher risk? Like what? Were Chase executives juggling chainsaws in the hallways?
    Levin jumps on this. “You did not consider this to be a high-risk activity?”
    Waterhouse: “I did not.”


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