Quote Of The Day: Satire Down Under Edition

It’s general election time in Australia. It looks as if the right will be returning to power, which makes a proposal by my countryman, Senator Nick Xenophon, very timely indeed.I have boldfaced the QOTD:

Independent senator Nick Xenophon is offering to help satirists who want to send up Australia’s politicians.

South Australian senator says he plans to move an amendment to the
Parliamentary Proceedings Broadcasting Act 1946 to allow federal MPs to
be lampooned over what they say or do in parliament.

He says
programs such as The Chaser, The Project and Gruen Nation are banned
from using images of parliamentary sittings for the purposes of satire
or ridicule.

“They don’t have anachronistic laws like this in the
US, but they probably do in Kazakhstan,” Senator Xenophon said in a
statement on Tuesday.

“Pollies do and say stupid things all the
time in parliament, me included. We shouldn’t have a special legal
protection from being sent up.”

Aussies love cute nicknames more than Willard Mittbot Romney loves money, but I quite like pollies. It makes politicians sound like chattering parrots. For example, Senator Walnuts is a querulous old parrot looking for a new shoulder to sit on. His 2008 running mate, however, is a mere bird brain…

One thought on “Quote Of The Day: Satire Down Under Edition

  1. And here in the Midwest, the State Fair rodeo clowns had a performance which could be considered racist and disrespectful to the President. People are falling all over themselves trying to defend the rodeo performance.
    At the same time, Faux News is stroking out that the President actually had his feet propped up on his desk.

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