Album Cover Art Wednesday: Around the World in a Day

Prince was riding high when he released this psychedelic soul record complete with a psychedelic cover by Doug Henders. The *only* reason Prince wasn’t the biggest star in the world in 1985 was because of Wacko Jacko’s monster Thriller LP. Me, I’ll take a trip to the psychedeli with Prince any day:


Here’s *everyone’s* favorite song from this record:

One thought on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Around the World in a Day

  1. This was the album Prince released right after “Purple Rain”, and believe me, Michael Jackson was not the only thing that stood between Prince and the top of the charts. I liked the album, but it appeared to act as an intentional, stiff push away from superstardom. He had gotten a taste of it, and he reacted by saying, “So you love me and think you’ll follow me anywhere? Here, try this weird pop-jazz suite.”
    The audacity it took! I can only imagine the Big Boys at Warner Brothers as they listened to the final album cuts and became aware that they were actually going to have to put this thing out, because Prince wasn’t backing down. Didn’t seem like they did much at all in promoting the record.

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