6 thoughts on “‘Unlucky ones have to be collected in bits and pieces’

  1. How on earth did you discover that? It looks like that’s her first post on that blog in six years.
    She asks some good questions, ones I’d like answers to as well. Where ARE all those exiled Iraqis who exhorted us to invade in 2003?

  2. Oh, I remember Riverbend. I’ve looked several times for new posts at the website, and I’ve searched the internet from time to time, but nothing – until now. The Iraqi bastards who promoted the war choose not to live in their own country which they helped “liberate” with their lies. Are we in the US safer? Riverbend gives the answer to her own question. I hope this is not the last we hear from her.
    Thanks for the post, Athenae.

  3. Wow. I knew she wa sin Syria and feared the worst. Glad she is ok, and so nice to hear her ‘voice’ after so long. She was my window into what was happening on the ground and it was an invaluable service to all of us that had the good fortune to read her posts regularly. Thanks for the head’s up!

  4. What a relief to know that she is alive even if conditions are awful. I hope that Riverbend finds safety and peace but she has still lost her country.

  5. It is indeed good to know she’s alive and well, if understandably furious. That was always the most illuminating of the many blogs about the war.

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