Friday Ferretblogging

Chicken-Riot got a clean bill of health at the vet this morning. He’s put on almost half a pound and other than his pancreatic cancer, which is under control, he’s doing good.



7 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging

  1. adrastos says:

    Yay, team dingo.

  2. Garbo says:

    Half a pound, impressive!

  3. Breny says:

    I was amazed how great Riot looked wrestling with Bucky a few weeks ago. So glad he got a good report card.

  4. Tata says:

    It looks like he’s thinking about music.

  5. leinie (iPad) says:

    Awesome Riot!

  6. M31 says:

    “Thank you for opening the cage door. I shall now survey my domain and come out when I damn well feel like it.”

  7. BlackSheep0ne says:

    Really good news!

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