Weekend Question Thread

What word never looks right to you no matter how many times you look up the spelling?

Me? Committee.


19 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. montag says:

    The one I always have to check, twice, when writing is “accommodate.” I think it’s the close proximity of twin “c”s and “m”s that throws me.
    So, maybe pairs of twin consonants close together is a wider problem than just mine alone.

  2. Escariot says:

    It’s a tie:
    Accommodate and separate

  3. m says:

    Gauge. It just looks weird. I also have to stop and think about “desert” and “dessert”. One is cool & tasty, the other is hot and arid.

  4. mellowjohn says:


  5. Bureaucrat. I always want to spell it “beaureaucrat.”

  6. merciless says:

    business. That’s busy-ness, not bizness.

  7. Since you mentioned it, I just sent an e-mail to my entire neighborhood email list where I misspelled “shepherd” as in “FOUND German Shepherd puppy.” However, I was in a hurry and I spelled it “shepard.” As in Matthew.
    I hang my head in shame.

  8. Robert Earle says:

    Acquire – what’s that ‘c’ doing in there? Nothing, that’s what!

  9. MichaelF says:

    Too many to list these days, and I used to be a pretty good speller. Something about going from mostly longhand to mostly typing, I guess. Of course, the internet and spell checkers make life easier.
    One recent one I had to double check was demagogue.

  10. adrastos says:

    Convenience. Couldn’t spell it right to save my life.

  11. Virgotex says:


  12. Gummo says:

    Harass. It looks wrong with two “r”s and it looks wrong with one “r”.
    It just looks wrong.

  13. mgmonklewis says:

    Sheriff. Do I double the R or the F or both? Every time.

  14. Racer X says:

    For me it’s: Ophthalmologist
    I use it a lot these days and have no trouble spelling it anymore but it never looks right.

  15. Tengrain says:

    Procede, er, proceed.

  16. robo says:


  17. azportsider says:


  18. Sandman says:

    Traveling and traveler; it looks like there should be 2 L’s, right?

  19. Aaaargh says:

    “Sheriff. Do I double the R or the F or both? Every time.”
    This. Makes me crazy.

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