5 thoughts on “Fuck Yeah New Zealand!

  1. I made the mistake of watching this in my office thinking I could just appreciate it for what it was worth. Made it all the way to the shot where they pull back after the song starts andeveryone is standing, not just the people who voted aye, and completely lost it.

  2. I walked into the Parliament building once in Wellington, New Zealand. It just happened to the day of the final vote against allowing nuclear materials into New Zealand. I was just an American tourist wandering around. I cried for 15 minutes after seeing intelligent people vote “No Nukes.”

  3. May such a scene come soon to the United States. The conservatives picked this fight about 20 years ago, thinking it would be an easy and handy cudgel to act out their bigotry. And so it was for a number of years. Perhaps the most far-seeing among them thought at the time to cast hatred in amber, preserve their privilege and permanently consign some to the underclass.
    The fight isn’t over, but even the most hidebound have to discern the writing on the wall, and admit that their upharsin is mene and well tekeled. I particularly recommend to their attention that after the vote is announced, the ground does not open up, and nobody is swallowed bodily in the pit of hell.
    I decline to listen to the bleats of the losers that they are now being bullied for their beliefs in a system of inequality and injustice. You have lost again.

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