The Confession

After all the posturing by little Lindsey and his ilk about how to treat the accused Boston Marathon bomber, he was read his rights, and then confessed earlier today. I agree with what A said earlier: this guy is a criminal and we have a massive system dedicated to dealing with people like him. Try him and lock him up, the only terrorist he seems to know was his big brother who’s currently taking a dirt nap…

It’s increasingly looking as if this is just the latest outrage perpetrated by angry young men. It seems closer in twisted spirit to Columbine, Aurora, or Newtown. Those were also acts of terrorism but they were done with guns instead of bombs, and without an overlay of politics. It was terrorism nonetheless, but it doesn’t seem to register on the McCain-o-meter or the Graham-scale. Perhaps they need to recalibrate their thinking. Did I say thinking? Sorry. Thinking’s got nothing to do with it…

One thought on “The Confession

  1. McCain is just mentally doddering by now, but Graham, jaysus, he’s long been a nasty little political homonculus, hasn’t he?
    And, they’ve gotten themselves a replacement Amigo, in Peter King, who is Bozo in a pinstripe suit. (I don’t think Ayotte really counts with them, because, you know, she’s an icky girl.)
    But, the military-industrial-security-intelligence-surveillance-contractor-Congressional-complex can thank its lucky stars that the Three Newly Reconstituted Amigos are there to escalate and inflate every notable crime (not involving white people with guns, of course) into the Worst Existential Terrorist Threat Ever.

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