Kitty Week: Homestretch

TahnySo I set a new goal, and you guys get us to within $75 of THAT.That’s right, we’re now at $425 for the kitties! You guys are the best blog ever.

Let’s get this done.Push us over the top today. Five hundred bucks for these kittens to roll around in like Scrooge McDuck.

They’re so tiny. They need a warm place to sleep and somebody to take care of them if they get sick. They need litter, and towels, and electric blankets, and food to fill their tiny, teeny, little fuzzy bellies.

I know we can get there. DOOO EEEET.


3 thoughts on “Kitty Week: Homestretch

  1. WOW!
    You guys are great!
    Since this event I have had so much exposure to new people and social media!
    The world of blog is a fabulous place!
    The cats and volunteers of Feral Fixers appreciate your good thoughts and well wishes and your donations! See our facebook for updates – with everyone’s help we are doing okay! While no one wants to go thru this, there are silver linings and good people!
    Feral Fixers President

  2. Achoo!
    I *achoo**wheeze* donated.
    I love kitties, they love me… it’s just these damn lungs that cant get along with’em!
    The meow meows are a worthy cause.

  3. OK.
    I dropped another $25 in thhe kitty for the KITTEHS!!!
    Rock on Athenae!

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