Make up your mind already

The New Orleans Sometimes-Picayune has announced-get ready-a new print edition with a hipster douchebag name, TP Street.It will be in the tabloid format, which many of us suggested they go to in order to save money on paper. Reaction here has been scathing. Me, I think it’s simultaneously pitiful and hilarious.

I’ll let my pals Liprapand Kevin Hippie-Haterhave the last word.

I lied, this whole thing has got me, uh, thinking:

9 thoughts on “Make up your mind already

  1. What an incoherent stupid-ass mess. We’re going to cut printing to focus on our up-to-the minute digital, but then add printing, because people still read the paper, but not at home, because they don’t, and when they do, they don’t read our paper but our other paper. Which competes with itself.
    And then a wormhole opened up and sucked everyone into it and the Daleks won. The end. I mean, fuck this shit.
    This is exactly why all the puling about the Internet is horseshit and always has been. THE PEOPLE IN CHARGE ARE COMPLETELY MORONS. Until you fix that, I don’t care how you code.

  2. Just have them print it on 2-ply bathroom tissue and leave it named “TP”…distribute in rolls – built in market, and easy to ‘editorialize’ whilst finishing up on the can.
    F*ck you Newhouse!!! Damn…

  3. We cancelled even before the paper went to 3 days a week, after the new owners fired half the staff, and the paper became a shell of what it once was. We have not looked back, and we never click on the website. Advance is getting exactly what it deserves. I’m embarrassed for Jim Amoss having to make ridiculous announcements that no one can understand about when the paper will appear and when it will be delivered.

  4. The Baton Rouge Advocate has been sold to John Georges, who says he will beef up the New Orleans edition, which already has 98,000 daily subscribers and 125,000 on Sunday. If Advance wanted to destroy the TP, they’ve made a good job of it. Why pay money for something, and then destroy it? Is there a hidden agenda here?

  5. One of the coolest things of my life was moving to Chicago for college and seeing the actual storefront that was supposed to be this very diner in Blues Brothers. Of course it was a stage set inside. It was actually a Jewish deli in real life. The Blues Brothers?!? THEY OWE YOU MONEY.

  6. @Mimi: Advance has owned the TP for a long time. The paper is a guinea pig for their chain. It doesn’t seem to be working very well, does it?

  7. Yeah, they bought it 30 years ago with Ashton Phelps as their front man. They kept a low profile until recently. You know, back when the paper was pretty good?

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