Wisconsin Legislative Committee: Screw You, Journalists

Even for the “book learnin’ is for liberals” caucus in my home state, this seems random and pointless and cruel:

The Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism would have to leave the UW-Madison campus, under a Republican motion before the Legislature’s budget committe.

GOP lawmakers were set to vote early Wednesday morning on the motion, which specifically named the center established by former Wisconsin State Journal investigative reporter Andy Hall. Currently the center has a small office in Vilas Hall on the floor occupied by the UW-Madison School of Journalism.

Commenters are speculating that the teawads got all het up about the center because it received Soros foundation funding, which makes it the devil, obviously.

Andy’s a great guy, his staff does important work, and if this is what it looks like, it’s just a kick in the nuts for no good reason. I would hope, though I have no expectation of course, that the journalism school at Wisconsin would defend its partner in the strongest possible ways.