Album Cover Art Wednesday: Little Creatures

Little Creatures is my favorite Talking Heads album. It’s brilliantly sequenced and full of great songs. The cover art by the noted and wildly eccentric folk artist Howard Finster is pretty swell too.


The back cover is almost as cool:


I wasn’t able to find an embeddable version of the whole LP, so here are two of the lesser known gems on the album:

5 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Little Creatures

  1. Never met a TH record I didn’t like. Speaking In Tongues is my number two. I’m also fond of the ultimate sleeper: True Stories.

  2. I love that album too and its amazing cover. In fact, I bought it on LP so I would have a larger version of the cover.
    But my favorite TH disc might be Remain in Light.

  3. Designed by M&Co. A good friend of a good friend of mine was a co-founder and designed “Remain in Light” —

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