Love Wins

Just look at these faces.


Look at the joy on their faces. Look at what the future looks like. Look at what happens when you keep pushing forward. Look at that song of joy sung upwards to the sky and try not to feel a little lighter in your socks.

I keep saying in response to the “save traditional marriage” morons that full marriage equality will do nothing to affect anyone in a straight relationship, but you know what? That’s not true. Love and freedom anywhere is an affirmation of love and freedom everywhere, and the glorious noise of victory that came from northward this week was a reinforcement of everyone’s desire to become more than they are today.

I can’t begin to imagine what this means for those couples who’ve been waiting to get married, for those who want to know that marriage is a possibility for them someday if they choose, but I know to me it means the world is a little wider, and a lot less dark, and for that, I’m grateful.

Come on, Illinois. Get your shit together.