Sen. Flaming Bag of Dogshit’s Facebook Page Getting Slammed

Surprisingly, people are not satisfied by his “thoughts and prayers:”

Your thoughts and prayers are wonderful, Senator, but they’re not going to house, feed, and clothe the families that lost their homes. It is not governmental overreach to help those in need after a natural disaster–it’s just common decency. It’s sad that you are so invested in this selfish Libertopian delusion that you won’t allow people who need help to be helped.

You are posting a link to tell people how to help the folks who voted for you? Are you kidding me? Try doing your job Senator. Try upholding your oath of office and helping your constituents. Stop playing politics when people, your people, are in need. What you are broadcasting loud and clear is you hate this administration more than you want to help those who need it. You are pathetic.

We have a national government to provide necessary assistance after natural disasters along with its other duties. If this wasn’t true, we would need to come up with an alternate national system to help with the problem. We could call it, oh, how about “national government.” Sometimes local problems are too big to be dealt with locally. That’s what the national government is for. I learned this in 9th grade civics class in a public school. What was your grade in civics?\

“Thoughts?” Yeah, they surely need your “thoughts,” Senator. But after you’re done thinking, they’re going to need cold, hard cash for medical care, disaster relief, and rebuilding. So get off your cold-hearted a**s and do the right thing — and the next time you’re tempted to kick people in NY or NJ to the curb, remember what we all did for YOU. We’re the “United” states, remember?

Dear Senator Coburn, I noticed you are sending prayers to those affected by the tornado. Just wondering, what prayers were cut so that you could afford to pray for these victims? I am afraid that, somewhere, an orphanage that needs prayers might be burning. If I may suggest, sir, could you maybe offset the necessary prayers by sacrificing those you’re about to use to keep your job? Surely a man as righteous as you has God on his side and can withstand a slight personal prayer deficit. Just a thought. Continue being a festering herpe on the penis of everything for which this country stands. Yours in Christ.


4 thoughts on “Sen. Flaming Bag of Dogshit’s Facebook Page Getting Slammed

  1. And on the flip side I’m guessing Senator Coburn had no problem whatsoever in spending, oh, a trillion dollars or so and counting on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…wars which have accmplished exactly what?

  2. If “thoughts and prayers” really DID anything Coburn and Inhofe would be permanent residents of a hospital burn ward, with multiple lightning-bolt strikes over their bodies.
    Because a single, killing, strike is too kind for what they deserve.
    C’mon Thor! Vacation’s over! Get to work!

  3. They say we get the government we deserve, but I don’t think the people of Oklahoma deserve THAT. And I don’t think they’re the sort of selfish and idiotic jerks their Senator is: “I don’t want anyone to relieve my suffering unless you take the money away from someone else who needs it!” Because you know the good Senator doesn’t want the offsets to come from corporate welfare.

  4. Imhofe is also planning to reduce his “thoughts and prayers” for non Oklahomans.

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