Another Day, Another Online Beating for Sen. Flaming Bag of Dogshit

The commenters aren’t getting any friendlier:

What does God say about hoarding? Need a reminder? DON’T. What does God say about leaving the f’ing corners of your fields for the widows and poor????? Withholding aid to those in need is a sin. Call yourself whatever the hell you want, but I call you a hypocrite who is going to face the wrath of the God that you claim to serve. FEEL THE BURN.

Hilarious that people on this thread are defending that they don’t want government money but want other people’s money in the form of PRIVATE DONATIONS.

What the heck do you think PRIVATE DONATIONS are?? Other people’s money you shouldn’t have either!

Witholding money from the victims is disgraceful because you are afraid of pork being put into the bill?? Well, it’s time you politicians hold each others feet to the fire. No pork in any bill and then you can actually pass bills. Shame on all of you!!!!!! You are all a total disgrace!

People need help now. The government is supposed to provide for the safety of the people. Let’s not muddle it up with politics. Give Oklahomans what they need to get up and running. Tackle the budget on the other days. Stop waiting to hold needy people hostage for help so we can clean up our budget – something that’s your job on every day that ends in “Y” anyway…