Too bad he didn’t go for the baklava

Walnuts and baklava go together like Senator Walnuts and war. Despite being tortured by the North Vietnamese, John McCain loves war and is always ready to intervene at any time, in any conflict, anywhere; especially when it makes no sense.He snuck into Syria to meet with the rebelshe wants to arm even though they may use those weapons against us some day.

The Republican war veteran met rebel leaders inside Syria
to discuss their calls for heavy weapons and a no-fly zone to help them
topple President Bashar al-Assad and bring the bitter civil war to a

McCain’s office confirmed to the Guardian that he had
slipped into the country in recent days but declined to comment on the
outcome of his talks with the rebel groups or whether it had hardened
his views on arming them.

McCain’s advocacy of a no fly zone is reckless and idiotic even for him. The Syrians have advanced Russian anti-aircraft defense systems, which means that a no fly zone will result in casualties and perhaps even POWs. I guess Walnuts thinks it will be good for them. It helped get him elected to the Senate, after all.

Earth to Senator Walnuts, make baklava, not war.

2 thoughts on “Too bad he didn’t go for the baklava

  1. Perfectly stated. I wish I could say he floored me with this one but it actually doesn’t surprise me. He is one cra…, er, mixed up old man.

  2. I think he’s seen too many reruns of CHARLIE WILSON’S WAR. Too bad he falls asleep before the end of the movie, he might realize that arming rebels against Russian backed governments ends up badly for the US.

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